Maliki afraid of his trial and the inauguration of the new governor of the capital to fuel the conflict between him and the Sadrists

Atwani members considered illegal inauguration

Sabah al-Saadi 03/11/2017 - 01:08

Raged differences within the National Alliance, a Shiite ruler, after the dismissal of the former Baghdad Governor Ali al-Tamimi and the election Atwan Atwani substitute, where the former governor Ali al-Tamimi belongs to the Sadrist movement block free, while the new governor belongs to the bloc coalition of state law, led by Nuri al-Maliki, who began the liquidation of political opponents during his bloc in parliament, where he has managed in the last period of the dismissal of a number of ministers and officials in the government as a kind of revenge for the lack of support for the third term of the former Prime Minister, Vice President of the Republic the current Nouri al-Maliki, and the latest was the governor of Baghdad, Ali al-Tamimi, who formed his dismissal pivotal point in Shiite conflict within the House.

He said members of the Council of Baghdad, said Atwani not a candidate for the post, and thus chosen is not illegal, as the Legal Committee emphasized that Atwani not nominate However past president of the Baghdad Provincial Council to vote despite the presence of problematic. Which means more conflict in the future and perhaps access to justice by arch rivals and more disagreements. This was confirmed by MP Hassan Khalati National Alliance, which revealed the existence of differences between the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr and the majority of the National Alliance blocks, which called for a boycott of the current meetings of the Council, and it remains isolated from the coalition blocks.

He Khalati told (Basenyoz) that what is happening between the Alliance and the Sadrists does not mean out of power from the coalition there is what brings us together, as well as the presence of other forces at work to reconcile between two disputing parties and to ease the conditions for access to the final version - in a veiled reference to Iran.

And on future alliances Khalati confirmed the presence of motionless among other blocs coalition blocs to form a common vision about the next election, and the National Alliance will seek to enter in one list.

But the facts on the ground indicate that large cracks between the Shiite house components, which seeks cleric Moqtada al-Sadr alliance with the civil power, which is leading the current protests with the leader of the Sadrist movement, and there were several meetings recently conducted by the chest with the leaders of the civil power is expected to produce a new coalition Sadrist trend graduated from the umbrella of the National Alliance.

And escalated in recent intensity of the conflict for the presidency of the National Alliance, despite receiving position by the current Zaamah Ammar al-Hakim, however, that there is a conflict hidden, according to a report of the Center for Future Studies, between state law, which does not recognize headed by Ammar al-Hakim, head of the National Alliance, in light of the vision of the coalition that He was entitled to the post of prime Alliance, and that the candidate leader of the Dawa Party and the head of the state law, the parliamentary Ali Adeeb was the best for the job, especially since the State of law coalition is the largest bloc within the National Alliance, also represents the largest force in parliament B93 seats out of 328.

The report pointed to what he called anti efforts to Nuri al-Maliki through the front, which recently formed from several deputies in addition to the deputies State of Law bloc, known parliamentary Front parliamentary reform last year formed, and includes about 150 deputies, mostly from Maliki's coalition and his sympathizers, tried that block the dismissal of Prime parliament Salim al-Jubouri, as well as several interrogations resulted in the dismissal of defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi and Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari.

The report pointed out the differences between the "Moqtada al-Sadr" and "Nouri al-Maliki," returned her nail into the coffin of the Shiite alliance, stressing that the two sides often met since 2014 on the exchange of accusations and criticisms about the reality in Iraq, especially after the storming of supporters of the Sadrist movement fortified Green Zone security, which shook the throne of the ruling Dawa party of Maliki recoils fiery remarks against the Sadrist movement, describing them Balgogaiaan, and outlaws.

The report revealed the existence of fears of the leader of the state law, Nuri al-Maliki of prosecutions, in light of recent calls by calling to account those involved in the fall of the city of Mosul fist Daesh, growing declarations in this regard, as well as the Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry into the fall of the city is the head of the security committee in parliament Iraqi governor Zamili, a Sadrist, so al-Maliki is always trying through his statements and his actions to draw attention to him and prove his position.

During the last period there has been a rapprochement between the Sadrists and the number of civil forces represent coordination of demonstrations and unify positions, which suggests an alliance is coming.

Meanwhile delegation from the Sadrist movement, with the leadership of the Iraqi Communist Party to strengthen cooperation and coordination in the demonstrations and peaceful protests, said a statement of the Communist Party that a delegation from the political body of the Sadrist movement visited Monday the headquarters of the Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party, and was greeted by party secretary Raed Fahmi delegation and his party.

The delegation visiting congratulations on the convening of the tenth National Party Congress and the election of Fahmy, secretary of the Central Committee, and wished him success in his work, while the circulation of the two delegations according to the statement "the political developments in the country."

And on the political settlement of disputes internal National Alliance around a researcher Strategic Ihsan al-Shammari believes that the project is no longer his admissibility in the Iraqi street, especially, after the rejection of many of the parties have, if the alliance, which launched the initiative, all mass did not agree to the project, how ask the rest of the ingredients that endorse and support such projects, adding that this project revealed a sharp disagreement unspoken within the National Alliance blocks, where some of the blocks and approved the settlement and others are still refusing.

He said al-Shammari, told (Basenyoz) that the upcoming elections may see a new Iraqi blocs will appear for the yard, especially after the recent cracks witnessed by the masses.

The "historic compromise" project presented by the ruling coalition at a standstill without achieving any tangible results so far remains, and while the blocks have shown some response to this initiative put forward by third parties as a legitimate alternative.