$ 180 billion size of the gross domestic product of Iraq

3/11/2017 0:00

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announced the World Bank in its latest report on the size of the world 's output, which amount to 74 trillion and 152 billion dollars. But what are the countries that account for the largest proportion of GDP? And how this amount is distributed on a global economies? The site of Arab countries in this category?

According to the figures, according to the site "Haomatc," that the United States produces nearly a quarter of global GDP (24.3 percent), and advancing by nearly 10 percentage points from China , which occupies the second place the acquisition of 14.8 percent of global output, followed by Japan 5.9 percent of GDP.

It tops 10 countries enjoyed plenty of the list of the world 's output, equivalent to 49 trillion dollars.

The United States comes in first place, according to the World Bank, a local GDP of up to 18.03 trillion dollars, followed by China with 11 trillion dollars, Japan with 4.38 trillion dollars, and Germany (3.36 trillion), and Britain (2.86 trillion), France (2.42 trillion) and India (2.09 trillion), Italy (1.82 trillion), Brazil (1.77 trillion) , and finally Canada at about $ 1.55 trillion.

In other words, the US gross domestic product equivalent to the output of seven countries combined (Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, France, India, Italy, and Brazil).

At the level of the Arab countries, Saudi Arabia occupies ranked 20 globally in the size of the gross domestic product of about $ 646 billion, followed by the UAE ranked 30, with output up to 370 billion dollars, and Egypt ranked 31 to 331 billion dollars.

As for Iraq , Faihtl ranked 51 to $ 180 billion, Algeria with $ 167 billion, and Qatar $ 165 billion, Kuwait $ 114 billion, and Morocco $ 100.6 billion, and Sudan B97 billion dollars, down to the Sultanate of Oman ranked 67 to 70 billion dollars.