The Presidency of the Kurdistan region: Al-Malki stands against article 140 and granted privileges "racists" Arabs in Kirkuk against Al-Kurd

News/cuneiform Erbil
The Presidency, Kurdistan accused Thursday, Iraqi Prime Minister to stand in solving the problem of the disputed areas and the application of article 140 of the Constitution for the problem, and drew to the resurrection through the granting of privileges to people "racists" Arabs in Kirkuk, Hawija to push for anti-Kurd.

The Presidency said in a statement the territory "Sumerian news, to copy, to stop Iraqi Prime Minister and everything against the implementation of article 140 of the Constitution, until it came to induce some people racists of the Hawija Kirkuk and granted privileges and promises to push for anti-Kurd, was controlled by terrorists we say preferably Kirkuk for the Kurds and not to those terrorists."

"Al-Maliki description drafters article 140 of the Constitution Iraq b" ignorant ", or deliberately put that article in the Constitution so do not solve the problem of the disputed areas", "Shera says once again that, with the implementation of that article describes in its legislators to again note that he was ignorant, one of the members of the Committee that drafted the article."

He called the statement of the Presidency of the Kurdistan region President to respond to Al-Maliki because "the Presidency for its failure to implement fully the constitutional article, having ended the Government from implementing its part."

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said in an interview with the station "ORT" Kurdish earlier this month, his Government had implemented the first part of article 140 of the Constitution, and the second phase is to determine the administrative border between counties are not the prerogative of the Government, but the powers of the Presidency.

The problem of the disputed areas in the governorates of Ninawa, Kirkuk, Diyala, Salahuddin in northern Iraq and other provinces in southern Iraq, highlighted the issues of contention between Kurdistan and the Iraqi Government, Iraqi Constitution approved in 2005 by the existence of the problem of dealing with article 140 which identifies three stages, beginning with the normalization of the situation in those areas and to compensate the victims of the former regime's policies and the application of article now, then the final stage is a referendum the population to choose disinfect the areas views of Kurdistan or stay within the Department The Federal Government in Baghdad, for the northern areas and choose the conservative they want to link to for southern Iraq.

But the application of the article remained in their infancy and stop when conducting a census and referendum to decide the fate of a number of these areas, and on the Kurdish government is accused of evading the Census and referendum are the Government technical and political problems hampering implementation.