Trliuna dinars to fill the temporary budget deficit

3/11/2017 0:00

Finance announced its plan to issue treasury transfers 364 days for

Baghdad / Mustafa al - Hashimi

Iraq seeks to reduce the budget deficit by adopting fiscal and monetary policies tools that represent one sale internal bonds through remittances Ministry of Finance 's annual for 364 days to markets through auctions, supervised by the Central Bank , so that they can withdraw liquidity from outside the banking system to re - employ them again in the financial sector.

11 live auction

and the Ministry of Finance announced its plan to issue treasury transfers for the annual (364 days) for 2017 , which includes the establishment of 11 public auction for the sale of these remittances to beneficiaries such as banks and departments of social welfare and retirement and minors.

Trliuna dinars

, according to the plan announced by the ministry and seen by the "morning", the total amount of two trillion dinars Asdarih expected to be sold completely fill the proportion of temporary disability in the general budget.

The distributed amount Altrliuna dinars between 11 auction organized by the central bank each month, as the first auction held in the twenty - second of last month amounted to $ 100 billion dinars as the last auctions scheduled to be held in 20/12 of the same amount, while the rest of auctions It shall be valued at 200 billion dinars.


The treasury and government bonds are not traded by the public to limit the currently traded on the banks and private banks on the one hand remittances, but the weakness of financial awareness among the citizens on the other hand, as the remittances of Treasury short - term ends at the end of the year which comes to finance my time deficit.

Based on the public debt, which authorized the Ministry of Finance issued remittances treasury guaranteed by the Government Act, the central bank, for being financially to the ministry as an agent, managing Auctions remittances government treasury on behalf of the ministry , which, according to the determinants of the annual budget law, issuing remittances treasury for the purposes of government funding .

The first auctions

According to a statement of the Central Bank and Ministry of Finance has approved the twenty - second of February , the first auction within the ministry 's plan to sell treasury transfers 364 days at $ 100 billion dinars.

Sale Asdarih

The statement added , has been selling the full amount of Asdarih and the highest price cut of competitive auctions 5 percent and average yield of 4.75 percent.

He pointed out that the participation of banks auctions won the presentations made by one of them.

It is said that the borrowing plan for the issuance of treasury transfers through auctions for the year 2016 included the establishment of 11 auction seven of which $ 400 billion dinars , and four of them worth 300 billion dinars.