Deputy: Parliament on his way to interrogate foreign participants conference officials
13:33 pm (Baghdad time)
It revealed an MP in the House of Representatives Ibtisam al-Hilali, Thursday, for the determination of the Council questioned officials involved foreign conferences, over the coming sessions
She said Hilali, L / balance News /, "The conferences that are held outside of Iraq conspiratorial goal against Iraq and its people, and aims to divide persisting "in the case if they had the interest of Iraq should take place inside
She added that I always held these conferences in times of security victories against Daesh "terrorist P Ark, aimed at perturbing and cover up the victory
And showed Hilali, that there is a parliamentary claims to take sanctions against those who attended and lawsuits on participants from non-administrators either officials it is possible questioning," noting that Parliament will discuss this issue in the coming sessions were the signatures collection in this regard
And he demanded that a member of parliament, as "a crucial decision on conference
She stressed Hilali, not to be referred to the committees attributing the cause to failure to reach a result by the committees,*and the case will die without any action* .anthy 9%