America's ambassador to the United Nations: take out Iran from Syria
- 10:04 Middle east
Said Nikki Haley, US ambassador to the United Nations on Wednesday, that her country supports the Syrian peace talks led by the international organization , saying that Syria can not remain a "safe haven for terrorists and that's important , "directed by Iran and its proxies

Haley spoke to reporters after he briefed the UN mediator to Syria, Staffan de Mistura, the Security Council in closed session on the talks which took place over ten days in Geneva between the warring parties in Syria, and ended last week.

He did not respond to questions about whether the United States believes that it is necessary to step down Syrian President Bashar al - Assad, backed by Russia and Iran

Everyone looks at how it will be followed by Washington to end the six years since the war in Syria , given the commitments President, Donald Trump, to build closer ties with Russia especially in the fight against al Daesh. Trump is not yet clear policy toward Syria

Haley said: " The United States fully supports Staffan de Mistura , and the work being done and we support the United Nations process, and support the talks in Geneva, and we want them to continue."

She added: "It 's so much about a political solution now ... This means basically that Syria can not remain safe for terrorists sanctuary .. we have to work on the output of Iran and its proxies, and we have to make sure that the more we have made progress we believe the borders of our allies as well

Iran supports militants in Syria from Hezbollah , the Lebanese Shiite group
He said de Mistura told reporters he intends to convene another round of peace talks in March 23 / March