Pentagon: Al-Baghdadi fled from Mosul
arabic 09/03/2017
- 10:21 Middle east
Pentagon: Al-Baghdadi fled from Mosul
A source in the US Department of Defense, the leader of al Daesh, "Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi," is still alive, adding that he left the city of Mosul, without specifying the destination of.

The Iraqi Ministry of Defense, announced last February, killing 13 of the leaders of al Daesh, an Iraqi air raid targeted a meeting of Baghdadi, with senior leaders in Anbar province west of the country, with a large body of news about the injury Baghdadi.

The US source, in a press statement on Wednesday, said that "the number of the organization" Daesh "fighters in Iraq and Syria, has fallen to half what it was in the past."

He explained that "the number of militants" Daesh "in both Iraq and Syria, close to 15 thousand, of whom nearly two thousand and 500 fighters in the western side of Mosul."

He estimated the number of militants, the source organization in the city of Raqqa Syria, between 3 to 4 thousand armed, while the rest is distributed to the areas between tenderness and city-based Iraqi Alhdoah bordering Syria.

He pointed out that "leaders" Daesh ", left the tenderness, which are now strengthened the insurgents with lower grades in order to defend it."

He pointed out that "the group's leaders seek to mixing in Cefouk civilians in areas in which they feel safe, in order to continue after they have been defeated in Iraq and Syria."

He added that "the organization most likely will not give up his views in succession, but may move to smaller operations after losing."