Soleimani: the total spent by Washington for the war in Iraq, enough to build America several times
BAGHDAD / Sky Press:
Thursday 09 March 2017
time 10:33
Considered the leader of "Al Quds" Corps of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Major General Qasem Soleimani, said Thursday that the total spent by the United States for the war in Iraq was enough to build the United States several times.
According to the agency "IRNA" Maj. Gen. Soleimani said during a meeting of the Steering Committee resistant economy in the city of Kerman, southeast of the country, "The achievements taking place in the country, especially in Kerman province, it proves that we can stand on our feet, despite all the pressures."

He added that "one of the reasons for the successes achieved during the Sacred Defense period (1980-1988) is that the leaders were pioneers and Talieian in accomplishing tasks, sacrifice and foot."

He said the great leader of the Revolutionary Guards, "said that America has spent 4 or 6 trillion dollars for the war in Iraq and could have been the building of America several times but it did not achieve anything and the reason for this is due to the corrupt and wrong and incompetent management."
He concluded by saying, "Wherever there was a correct management, even in a small place, it could create a cultural shift, and what he has done packages Hosseini (the governor of Kerman) together with the efforts of Kerman province managers is that they they have made a successful example of the performance of the government."