Eastern Mosul, schools are packed with students after weeks of editing the left coast

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Weeks after the liberation of the eastern side of the city of Mosul struggling schools seeking to accommodate the enthusiastic students to return to school.

The educational process in Mosul have suffered a lot under the Daesh imposed a curriculum full of violent views, beyond what a lot of students out of school for fear of forced conscription in favor of the group.

Classrooms overflowing with students in Muthanna Elementary School east of Mosul after weeks on the Iraqi forces to end Daesh rule, which lasted nearly three years.

Songs that echoed the students mingled sounds of mortars firing from a nearby military base on the western side, where the battle to liberate west of the city is still running high across the Tigris River. But those voices welcomed by teachers who are trying to revive the education system that marred the curriculum to the extreme Daesh.

Says English teacher who called herself Fatima name "when we hear this sound are happy because they are attacking Daesh." Education was a major victim of the occupation Daesh since June 2014.

It tells some people from the threat of Daesh imprisonment in case of refusal of the new curriculum, and others talking about having to stay at home for years and drinking tea and smoking while the world changes abroad.

Also, the students remained in their homes safely behind closed doors and surrendered to despair after he missed them educational opportunities.

For the people of the city known education and ethnic diversity and the quality of the prestigious, this was a big loss. He adds, referring to the six Fatima coexistence suffocating under extremists "under the rule of Daesh oxygen was different, today we begin a new life."

The Daesh curriculum focuses on prayer and the life of the mosques and the ongoing war, the older children are indoctrinated "virtues Daesh and war," which is the killing of infidels required a test of faith.

He says Mehdi Saleh, a professor of European history of modern and historical texts in Mosul University - which has become today the ruins of the burned-out - "refused to teaching and moved away from the limelight during the rule of Daesh," adding that "we need at least 5-10 years to return and purge has reaped Daesh on education and the community. The goal of the destruction of Daesh president of education and establish a caliphate.

At first it was extremists Evtalon tenderness and compassion, but after two months or three people fell on their mask and realize their goals. They were trying to teach students methods of fighting and killing anyone in the world they see as an enemy of Christians, Jews and even Muslims. That were not with them, you are their enemy. "

Curriculum violent

Rescue Charity in October warned that more than a million Iraqi children in Mosul have left school or were forced to learn the curriculum Daesh.

It includes a first grade elementary students lessons article titled "Islamic state will remain and expand," also requests math books from the students calculate the number of containers that can be produced in the explosives factory, where asking one to know how many "infidels" who can be killed by a car bomb issues.

The plus sign is forbidden because Daesh considered a symbol of the Christian Cross, says the Iraqi Development Institute, which was founded in 2003 in Mosul, "This will have a significant impact on children's minds and lead to the emergence of a radical generation of violent and bloody."

Childlike joy

With this Vaptsamh students irrepressible, Ahmed Khattab, English teacher says in one of the high school, "I look at our children, they are attending school and they are thrilled and happy despite the war and the threat of Daesh, they are uneducated because of ignorance Daesh.

Each of our children refuse Platform Daesh school because talking about the murder and that he is against humanity, which publishes the concepts of murder, kidnapping and hatred. "

And embodies the secondary Islamic message for Boys, the difficulty of getting rid of the legacy of Daesh, where the school is located on a main road, and was the seat of Daesh.

After more than a month to edit east of Mosul are still windows smashed, and diesel fuel fills the corridors, and see rows and the Office of Management that Daesh tried to burn the school.

He says Essam Mohsen school "Today director filled with rows students. If you talk to the students you will see that they feel sad because three years of life lost."

Before the advent of Daesh the number of students in 1100, 400 of whom fled with their families. A few days after gunmen came Daesh in an attempt to recruit hundreds of them.

Said Issam "They came all the students are making a jihad, but the next day only twenty students did not attend the Time." Then finally the number has risen to 40, all from the "Sons of Daesh."

Teachers were given the choice either to teach or to leave. All of them refused, including the manager, and Aatkova in their homes.

EA adds that some teachers are still displaced, and three weeks before the school closed for three days because of the bombing Daesh from the West. He points out that the Mosul-free education now, but students started returning after the bitter experience provided under Daesh.

The school did not receive from the Iraqi Ministry of Education is now more than 50 books for English and 250 of the rules of the Arabic language and literature 250, and this number is not enough for a thousand and one hundred students.

UNICEF has sent hundreds of learning tools with notebooks, pens and papers.

He says the student Omar Ahmad, "I did not imagine that I have I will go back to school, I do not care if the windows were broken and the school is in poor condition, because this is my future."

Omar and his colleagues cooped up in their homes for fear of forced recruitment into the ranks of Daesh, they spend their time reading books and watching movies.

Farouk student Firas says, "It was very difficult for our inability to get out. We feel that we missed our peers and this is difficult from the psychological point of view, but now and then we came back to school, we feel that there is hope."

In the neighboring school, school teachers say they were forced to education. Before Daesh there were 500 pupils in this school, but the number shrank to 50 during the rule of Daesh, but it rose to 650 to accommodate pupils destructive schools. Boys and girls in the morning time in the afternoon.

He says to expect Omar Mohammed, Deputy Director of the boys' school, "the parents are afraid to send their children. Daesh is all curricula to the curricula for the attack, murder and extremism."

In the girls' school Director Iman Mohammed Ghanem was surrounded by boxes of new books sent by the Ministry of Education.

He recalled how his faith Daesh forced her to open the school doors when control of the city and threatened her with punishment in the event of non Vthaa.vi 2014 Two Daesh fighters attended, Ktavi beard wearing uniforms "Alguendhara" shorts favorite when Daesh, to conduct inspections.

They wanted to take down the map of Iraq on the wall because Daesh removed the borders between Iraq and Syria.

Director says she refused their request to cover her whole face. Boycotted her voice small hand-held percussion bell announcing the start of the break and the end of the share classes.

"The bell did not accept it because they consider it a symbol of a Christian, and they said they Siatgulwnna if they saw him again, so I had to hide it from their eyes for years."

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