Banking irregularities between ignorance of the laws and the intersection of Help !?


Economy News.

By Yasser incumbent

Often Matqa some private banks under penalty of law to commit banking irregularities and violations are divided into two parts, the first section intentional wrongdoing second section irregularities unintended.

Question .. what is required to avoid these irregularities?

Here to talk focused on the second part of the irregularities and is unintended, of course Upon inquiring about the reasons it is clear that the bank is not a note of this law or that the procedures Perhaps the famous saying (law Aihama dupes) took effect.

When research into the causes of this phenomenon is found that the reason there is a weakness in the legal culture for kids most of the workers in the banks, it requests it to activate the role of the legal Alaksa for their role in the clarifications requested before taking any decision or action as a digestive with all applicable laws.

And, of course, the private banks depends upon selected for managers and legal departments of the caliber and experience of veteran jurists in their banks and, apparently, most of the violations pass because of the display resolution or action on the legal department or the weak counseling or not contained and thus banks fall into the trap of errors or nets irregularities.

Therefore it requires senior and executive departments of banks adopt the legal opinion of any decision or banking and financial action taken in order to hedge the bank from falling into the nets irregularities and distance himself from accountability and punishable by law.

As regards to the intersection of procedures and instructions regarding the same is concerned by the Central Bank of Iraq it has formed a committee to resolve this problem.

When counting the number of cases brought against the banks find irregularities, mostly unintended consequence of the failure to adopt a legal opinion before making a financial and banking decisions.

So we emphasize the need to call for activating the role of legal departments in banks to avoid these errors.

The irregularities unintended same is another matter bear the consequences of the offense.