Parliamentary Finance announces the height of Iraq's debt to $ 119 billion
Finance Committee in parliament , announced on Wednesday, the country 's high external and internal Diwan to $ 119 billion
She said a member of the Finance Committee Magda Tamimi in a press statement, said that " the total domestic and foreign debt owed by Iraq , which is $ 119 billion, including $ 80 billion in total external debt
Tamimi said, " The total debt was $ 107 billion , but that after the estimated $ 12 billion loan became a British total debt of $ 119 billion
She Tamimi for fearing to go past loans borrowed Iraq this year for the reconstruction of infrastructure in the liberated areas, to the pockets of the corrupt
Iraq has suffered from a severe crisis as a result of lower oil prices and the global markets, as well as military operations carried out by the military and security forces to the terrorist gangs Daesh , which took over a number of provinces in Iraq in 2014. Expenses increased Iraq 's debt after 2003 whether states or Iraqi contractors or peasants or from the sale of domestic bonds.