Tamimi reveal ten advance details of salaries
Last updated 03/08/2017
- 11:13
He revealed the Parliamentary Finance Committee member Majida al-Tamimi, an advance for details (ten salaries allocated to employees) as pointed out that the interest rate will be 9%

Tamimi said in a blog published on its social networking (Facebook): The Ministry of Finance has given directives to the Rafidain and Rasheed grant advances to state employees by following instructions

First - Advance salaries be increased by ten with allocations Fixed that does not exceed ten million dinars roof.

Third - Bank of Iraq will depend to work with the smart card and the electronic format by either Rasheed Bank are not taken to the application of labor smart card.

Fourth - the interest rate is 9%.

Fifth - exchange mechanism will be by seniority.

Sixth - chief financial officer of the department concerned offers a list of the names of all employees and their salaries on a CD to the director of the bank to make sure that the applicant's request Advance employee with determining the amount of his salary.

Seventh -stsdr instruction during a maximum period of one month Aoncef month regarding the Rasheed Bank.

The following is a subsidiary of the Rafidain and Rasheed ministries. Rafidain Bank.
(Communications - Transportation - House of Representatives-Commission -mash Education - Ministry of Defense - Ministry of Human rights: The Ministry of Construction and Housing -mash Industry and Minerals - the oil ministry - the Ministry of Labour -userh municipalities - Ministry of Water Resources -mash Agriculture -cil Minister -mash environment - and all walks of life is associated with the Ministry).

Rasheed Bank (Higher Education - Justice - Electricity Wellness-ABC - Interior -anakl -External - Ministry of Planning - Ministry of National Security -mash Trade - Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Culture -almalah - The Ministry of Youth and Sports - Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities - The Ministry of Displacement and Migration - all the Ministries of State for women's Affairs and the Ministry of Wi did not remember to add in percentage of employees of the Iraqi Central Bank and the Office of financial supervision