Jubouri calls to boot settlement confirms that it is time to move all the files of corruption

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News}

Saw Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, it is important to prepare the ground for the project settlement reformist executive procedures in the administrative, economic and service aspects.

The head of the House of Representatives during his speech, a forum of Sulaimaniyah today, "it is necessary to hold a special conference ages and national reconciliation once to believe the interdependence of political stability and the stability of community and the need to be internationally sponsored for all parties to monitor the implementation of what is agreed that this conference will be before the legislative elections no later than for six months to ensure a positive atmosphere from all segments of Alaracainmvhom Homeland Security began taking a new character, that how to communicate with the ocean to save yourself. "

"The regional and international factor player based in the Iraqi issue so clearly must Read arena and we deal with it, and we must admit that the Iraqi issue is no longer an Iraqi purely an affair because of overlaps and international hubs, so we must work to communicate with everyone to solve our problem in order to achieve our interests and our sovereignty ".

He continued, "The initiation of solving the Iraqi problem in the next stage depends on our ability and courage to bring new ideas scalable to accommodate the size of the crisis and the transit of stereotypes and formal solutions to the fundamental solutions."

He said al-Jubouri that "the successes achieved by our armed forces in the battle came thanks to a real togetherness and unity of the field leadership and international support in addition to the growing evolution of the role of local action in areas occupied by Daesh, noting that" Daesh imposed on us back a lot of old political and administrative terms, including the definition of definition of sovereignty and systematically break down the walls. "

And he said "It's time to move all the files of corruption away from political influences and the formation of a special court for it and reveal the fate of Iraq funds lost during the past 14 years, and bears the judiciary and regulatory institutions, particularly the full responsibility for this parliament."

The Jubouri that "the executive bodies must provide for return of all displaced people to their areas after restoring basic services as soon as possible.

He stressed the need to "reconsider the election law so as to ensure the arrival of real representatives to the parliament and provincial councils are able to express the spirit of the people and that this law be able to prevent the influence of partisan influence on the results of the elections through political money, which seeks to devour the lion's share of state institutions ".is over