Transport with a global company activate the FAO obsolete port appropriate for payments

2017/3/8 19:08


The Ministry of transport, discussed Wednesday, with [ڤولڤو] in Faw port activation according to Swedish great appropriate mechanism for financial payments.

The Ministry said in a statement all Iraq [where] copy of it today, "the Transport Ministry technical agent Abbas Imran, discussed with the representative of the Swedish ڤولڤو company in Iraq, Stefan zochn, the prospects for cooperation in the interests of the transport sector in the country and discuss strategic ideas on activating the role of the large port of Faw in attracting major international companies particularly ڤولڤو her first specialty Swedish company building the vessel engines".

He said Imran company idea ڤولڤو work to equip and update the General company for land transport fleet of modern trucks, as well as put an appropriate mechanism for the payment of financial receivables, which would allow the Ministry to meet their financial obligations to the company. "