Chairman of the parliament are keeping on the recommendations of the Commission lift the immunity of tens of Representatives

08/03/2017 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 788 - Issue (3871)


In complete secrecy being handled with twenty deputies threatened You lift the immunity on charges of involvement in terrorism issues and corruption. And revealing Presidency of the Council of Representatives on the report prepared by the Commission lifted the parliamentary immunity of three months before the details, which includes a list of parliamentarians who Gaabathm exceeded the allowable limit.

Legal Committee questions the reasons hide the report and recommendations made by the committee in question, stressing that the number of requests to lift the immunity, which arrived from the Supreme Judicial Council exceeded ten requests.

The House voted, last August on the recommendation of the Committee members included the formation of Parliamentary Affairs mini-committee to review and examine the files submitted by the Iraqi judiciary on the lifting of the immunity of a number of members of parliament in order to be brought before the courts.

Confirms MP Mahmoud Reda, a member of the Committee on lifting parliamentary immunity, in an interview for the "long" yesterday that his committee "its final report, submitted the attached recommendations to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives three months ago," and expressed surprise at the lack of presentation of this report in the past sessions.

The Committee is composed lift the parliamentary immunity of six members including the Chairman of the Parliamentary Members Affairs MP Abdul Rahman Alloizi president, membership and Abbas al-Bayati, otherwise Talabani, and Mahmoud Reda, and Adnan al-Janabi, and Salah al-Jubouri.

Reza also points out that "the number of files examined by the parliamentary committee was up to twenty mini dossier distributed among the requests came from the Supreme Judicial Council to lift the immunity of a number of parliamentarians and between the complaints of deputies against other deputies."

The committee confirmed the lifting of parliamentary immunity, in the month of November last, the arrival of 12 applications from the Supreme Judicial Council to lift the immunity of a number of members, and confirmed its intention to submit a final report to the Presidency of the parliament includes the planned lifting of their immunity of Representatives names.

And it refers MP from the Kurdish bloc to change the "Files that examined also included deputies who scuffled with Saleem al-Jubouri in the parliament hall during the course of the last names of the sessions," pointing out that the committee did Parliamentary code of conduct and the application.

The House voted early in 2016 and a majority to approve a code of conduct competent parliamentary accountability and monitor the behavior of both the House and the positions that issued them within the Council Chamber and even media statements.

And reduces Kurdish lawmaker from the importance of lifting the immunity that arrived from the Supreme Judicial Council requests, he says, "we found out after being reviewed and audited as malicious and politically, including one or two talking about the accusations of terrorism cases," stressing that the file has become in the hands of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives.

And clarify Article 63, paragraph (b) of the Constitution provides that it "shall not be arrested on the member during the legislative term unless he is accused of a felony and by the approval of the absolute majority of the members, or if caught red-handed in a felony tuning."

With regard to complaints against each of Representatives, says the Committee of the Regions parliamentary and provincial member, said "the number of these complaints, which we have reviewed, almost up to (5) cases," but refused to disclose details of the report unless it is introduced in the House of Representatives.

This inaction by the Presidency of the Council of Representatives in dealing with these files and not displayed in the House of Representatives sessions might signal the existence of a state of tolerating cronyism and political parties and deputies received their names against the defendants and wanted to eliminate.

Parliamentary Legal Committee wonders on the tongue of one of its members for "reasons to hide the content of the Commission lift the parliamentary immunity and recommendations brought upon examination of the most dangerous file a report?".

Says MP Ibtisam al-Hilali, told the "long" yesterday, that "all the members of the House of Representatives (328) deputies do not attend all the meetings of the Council, which disrupts, in some cases, the adoption of important laws need a quorum of an integrated," asserting that "absences members the House of Representatives are many and can not be tolerated. "

The head of the House of Representatives confirmed, in July, its intention to terminate the membership of a number of MPs who have exceeded Gaabathm limit, and the decision was made to end their membership, "noting that" this action was taken, "did not specify the number of members or their names.

Sahlani says that "more than a dozen judicial requests to lift the immunity reached the presidency of the parliament are distributed among the charges related to terrorism cases and corruption was not limited to a component or a specific block," and noted that "there are two components distributed charges on their deputies."