Private sector representatives met with International Monetary Fund

2017-03-08 at 15:11

Baghdad scales news

A delegation met with the some economic organizations and a number of businessmen as representatives of the private sector with the IMF delegation to discuss a number of important topics, launch the dues of contractors and suppliers and farmers in arrears by the Iraqi Government and the ways to solve this problem and the approval of the IMF loan to Iraq for payment of arrears.

Both sides spoke of presentations and intense discussions surrounding all aspects of this important and influential and dynamic in the market and working in Iraq had been attended by IMF both Christian Hickory Vice President Department of Middle East and Central Asia and G.Maxime Basu, Ritu economic Noumon, an economist and Asim Hussain, Deputy Director of Yami Middle East and Central Asia and economic alnsah Amjad hejazi Marwa resident representative and Eileen krksbi Economist.

On the Iraqi side and attended all of the Iraqi Business Council Chairman n_ziimez in Jordan, Ibrahim Al-Baghdadi Messaoudi, President of the Council on Iraqi contractors Association Chairman luxury, Saad Muhsin Nagy Iraqi Business Council Secretary General in Jordan and Mohamed Jawad Hadi al-Jabburi, a member of the Federation of Iraqi contractors, Fayez Hussein Mackie Board Member teller Iraqi Business Council in Jordan and a number of other business.

Speaking Christian JAWS IMF Vice President for Middle East and Asia wondering about the possibilities that will increase State revenues, including direct taxation and non-taxation efforts including taxes on non-petroleum products, saying Tehran had formerly been between 5%-10% and this way is not the right way where revenue structure, it must change this method for up to 30%, and quicker gains and revenue comes from tax almklvet unit planning these big earnings where a traders and the second point Hiring freeze for civilian administration, flaccid, because a higher proportion of staff in the civil service was a way to please the other and hired without regard to the efficiency of this system will lead to a deficit in 10 years, and there is still support for everyone and ration should be limited to the poor.

He added: the electricity sold at less than cost, and have reduced support for petroleum products, which fell because of lower global oil prices but when high oil prices would be reviewed with this support.

He continued: as for the business environment in Iraq, it's more complex than other States is slow because of the lack of security and inadequate electricity and not to collect and update their dues.

He said: there is a major problem in Iraq and weak banking sector and to strengthen business structure of Rafidain and Rasheed and open wide space in front of the private banks and must assess weaknesses and lay the foundations for fighting money laundering and can resort to an impartial and specialized organizations such as the IFC.

Turning to that: there is an important element on the Government work by assisting the private sector and paying his dues arrears have been putting the report in both Arabic and English on the website aldolibanwan Monetary Fund (what is the strategy for dealing with arrears to world oil and gas companies, the Ministry of Commerce on procurement of wheat and electricity sector contractors late dues.) where you must check and ensure their legitimacy first and what should the Government do so that there are 4 billion will be paid sdadhahaith requires 2 billion loan, the Government pays Billion to ensure receipt of every entrepreneur 50% through the year 2017 and the remaining through 2018.

Confirmed: we applaud the progress made by the Office of financial supervision audit of transactions that have not been audited during the two months prior to our meeting in Baku and now hear points that contribute to improving the economy and how business compared to last year and you see signs of recovery that we do not support having two prices for the dollar and that taxes should be 30% and we have seen Jordan exemption from this tax on imported materials as well as Iran and Turkey, how to increase State revenues.

It urges then n_ziimez saying: that the State is sponsoring the economy and that most traders are relying on the public sector as the Government is unable to pay the dues that gave a negative message to Iraqi and foreign construction companies as a logical point of view there is no requirement to pay at once if the fear of corruption, it gives an incentive to complete the audit of transactions for the purpose of receiving benefits in addition to having 10 000 contract receivables between 2.4 billion how are paid at once.

Abraham spoke said Baghdadi Messaoudi, saying: I have to thank you for inviting us to attend this important meeting, Christian Fund delegation head nut Esquire, I listened closely and focus to your talk of goals and visions of the Fund based on large scientific and professional.

And before I put the worksheet attended specifically for this meeting, I would like to express to the Holy sanction, different view with Holy sanction 4 false ttadarkt them for the purpose to be brushed up on Iraq are correct, namely:-first: that Iraq began to collect customs tariff which doubled its resources in some ports and customs points to more than 30 times, for example, yellowish Center alkmarki now daily one billion dinars IraqIn time his collection for the month totalled up to full 700 million only, second paragraph (electricity) also collect electricity in Iraq had doubled to almost 20 times in some cases, for example Hotel Babylon is payback for us members of the Board and investors is of 5 star hotels in Baghdad, was paying the wages of كهرباءلاتتجاوز 20 million dinars, now pay in one month last summer 460 million dinars, the third Ministry of electricity transmitted electricity collection Iraqi and international companies, under investment contracts, and may I started the positive results clearly show.

Al-Baghdadi said: the fourth paragraph mentioning that the ration card is still issued to businessmen and rich and senior staff, assure the sanction she withheld on all businessmen and industrialists and even small traders for years, as well as government officials who are nominal salary increases of 1.5 million dinars per month, and now let me begin the paper, ((Iraq the only country in the world and throughout history, who fought during the 37 years just 6 and blockade long wars lasted for 13 years, first in 1980, when I started the first Gulf war with Iran And which lasted 8 years and 2 UN war in 91 Kuwait war third editing brutally beaten and abortion in 91 people uprising and siege that began in 1990 after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait and didn't end until 2003 and the fourth UN war to eliminate the former regime in 2003 Iraq war on terror fifth baseband Zarqawi led since 2005 until 2010 and the current war in Iraq carried out sixth on terrorismAugust aldaashi led by Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi to free his land and holy places and starting in 2014 until now.

And every war destroyed hundreds of educational institutions and the health, water and sewage plants and bridges, schools, oil installations and other author that martyrdom and death of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis which impact heavily on progression and tnmihalmwardalbshrih in Iraq, so we hope and expect of friendly countries in the world and discreet financial organizations and primarily the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to put Iraq at the top of the list of States that are providing financial and technical support and care for her, especially since Iraq fighting terrorism from the world, there are inevitably Expected from the terrorists who are fighting in Iraq to go after their defeat of course to other countries and maybe in Europe and America and the rest of the world, but that same terrorist when killed or captured or have an injury ended 29/24