(Ki-Card) reveal the new card through the tow advantages
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Tuesday, March 7, 2017
- 11:35

He explained regional director in the company southern region (Ki-Card), Firas al-Saffar, the smart card, and after the recent updates that have been added on them, has become has advantages card (Visa) and (the Master Car), which evolved to be a bank account to the card holder and the possible beneficiary could deposit funds in the bank and withdraw and transfer money and partially account to another through the electronic card.

He said during his speech to Mrbd that among the advantages of the smart card is an online shopping and withdraw money via the card to Card from all the countries that have branches of the Rafidain Bank, including Jordan, Lebanon and the UAE.

And on the security side and the possibility of protecting the card from the penetration, the representative of ironing card company that the smart one of the safest cards in the world being dependent live fingerprint of the hand and the eye of the holder system and do not do through the confidential figures vulnerabilities and thus be one of the most powerful systems dungeon and can not be manipulated, but through its owner Profile, like he said.