Linked to border control and customs tariff activation. Consumer protection law a victim the interests and internal and external agendas

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There are no real and accurate data to the planning Ministry on the issue of the amount of goods that enter anarchically easy across borders open wide, consumer protection law, which some thought good when approved at the previous session of Parliament, the economy and investment committee returned for amendments, are themselves acknowledge the presence today of external and internal agendas hamper activated, supported this theory deal with Economic Affairs with the Ministry of the Interior set more than once, large quantities of goods and material unfit for human consumption, the Committee received Blame the legal Government accusing it of failure to follow and activate this tariff structure code related law who has done so far.

Shoddy merchandise and flood in Iraq after 2003, in case of unrestricted openness to the world, led to the flooding of the domestic market with goods from around the world, unsanctioned, as well as local public and private production due to insecurity and lack of energy and fuel.

The head of the Parliamentary Committee on the economy and investment in modern soldier, Ahmed (range) of the consumer protection law proceeded at Alma, we intend to modify in this session, so that fits with the development that protects the product and industry, adding: to talk about having the operate mafiosi crashes activate this law may not be as confusing, here you must activate the industrial and agricultural sectors in first class, so you can be there to protect the consumer. Venue: the existence of internal and external agendas working to derail the topic activate the consumer protection law.

Called Nelly: Government need to be serious about her decision to activate the industrial and agricultural sectors as quickly as possible and establish industrial cities and orientation to Contracting States, such as China, Korea and others, to create large strategy of plants to convert locally manufactured materials imported material, and prevent any attempt to disrupt agendas of these sectors. Continue: as we have to take account of the internal circumstances of the country, because imported consumables within the daily consumption of the citizen most manufactured in neighboring countries.

Adding: therefore seeks its best not to activate the industrial sector in Iraq so keep this drain Iraq's money, States that through the process of flooding the market with Iraqi goods imported without law or control it codifies it.

Meanwhile, the parliamentary legal Committee member Amin Bakr (range) not seen in real practical application any activation of the consumer protection act by the Government to maintain product ornaments, thinking: that the subject faces dereliction by the Government, since it may be difficult to apply, but: but whatever circumstances, must apply this law being a matter for the citizen in particular and the State in General.

Assures Baker: the need to monitor the application of this law after completing modifications of the economic and Financial Committee in Parliament to see its results on the ground. Explaining: as a Parliament we have the right to ask about how serious the competent authorities to monitor the application of this law. Stressing: that Economic Commission report on adjustments to take way to debate and vote in the House of representatives.

And on the process of delaying the approval of law and consequent, between economic expert Ahmad Husseini (range) auspicious pending consumer protection law, but: but surprised after a period of failure and try to put obstacles in front of it applied. Attributing it to existence of beneficiaries disabled.

And Voyager Husseini: this law is an important aspect of protecting borders and this has nothing to do with the Customs Tariff Act, if we look for effective consumer protection law it must activate the tariff code Tehran adjust imports.

Adding: the existence of a structured process to flood the Iraqi market with large quantities of goods and merchandise, it is something that needs to be stopped. Assuring: the Iraqi market is today without seeing the shoddy products and dilapidated and unfit for human consumption and the Economist: the Economic Security Directorate in the Ministry of the Interior, often without direct reports and statements about large seizures of goods and material unfit for human consumption, this big mess all fall on the shoulders of activation of the consumer protection act.

Continued: so I definitely think there is behind this law in any way because there is a beneficiary of failure. Noting: until the Ministry of planning has no real data on the subject goods and the goods to Iraq, because there is chaos and commodities fall easily. Attributing the reason to open the borders wide open, and there is little role for public authority llkmark requiring greater effort and restructuring according to Husseini.

And specialized economic crimes Tribunal revealed in Baghdad earlier, seized a group charged with repackaging large amounts of expired tea for sale to citizens, banner, that consumer protection act did not bring deterrent penalties.

Consumer protection bill includes 2012 three axis head; first supervisory axis that ensures the safety of the supply of goods and services, and match them with standard specifications, the Government this role primarily, in addition to civil society organizations represented by consumer protection associations that aim primarily to prevent consumer fraud, business fraud, deception and deception in all its forms, as the second is legislative reconsider existing legislation in order to find an umbrella to protect all the rights of the consumer, the third axis of educational and educational and consumer guidance Aimed at raising consumer awareness and teaches children about their rights and duties, instructs and guides the decisions to bring him greater protection particularly preventive protection.