Integrity Commission declares foiled attempt to steal 18 billion dinars from the government bank
2 hours ago

Twilight News / Integrity revealed for managed Mlakatha investigative and audit of obstruction body attempt to steal 18 billion dinars from the state 's Rafidain Bank.

A statement by the Department of Investigation in the body responded to Twilight News, that the convicted (O.a.a) tried to steal the amount of eighteen billion dinars by manipulating the electronic clearing procedures through the instrument of liberation amount for the benefit of the beneficiary (Kh.j.v) divisive case, a a customer of the private banks, which have been addressed to try to stop the theft and Exchange instrument uninsured balance.

The department said that " the Court of specialized integrity issues felonies, as a result of investigations into the Authority, issued a judgment against the convicted (O.a.a) serving a prison term of ten years, based on the provisions of Article (444 / fourth and eleventh) of the Penal Code; for trying to steal public funds ".

I "upheld the facts, statements of the legal representative of the Rafidain Bank , Ahli Bank and testimony of witnesses, as well as the recommendations of the ongoing administrative investigation of the Office of the Inspector General at the Ministry of Finance, and the presumption of escape of the accused from the face of justice, upheld the charges against him; thus the court being sufficient conviction to be criminalized, Vgmt it Article wisdom. "

And ensure that the verdict issued an arrest warrant against him, and the support of booking movable and immovable property, and giving the right hand of the affected request compensation if the acquisition of the decision become final.