US Treasury positive measures taken by Iraq in the fight against money laundering is unprecedented in the region, which
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Last updated 07/03/2017
- 15:04
He praised the US Treasury representative in Iraq, John Sullivan effective measures taken by Iraq to combat money laundering and financing of terrorism saying Iraq in the forefront of countries that initiated legislation important laws in Ataralamtthal international standards in this area

Said Sullivan, who was speaking during a meeting with a delegation representing the Iraqi private banks association that Iraq witnessed in this regard rapid development and great in a short period not to exceed two years, ever seen in any country Akharvi region.

He said during the meeting held at the Association's headquarters in Baghdad with the participation of a number of leaders of Iraqi banks said this development was the result of Oaqrarqanon the fight against money laundering and terrorism financing which is equivalent to best international laws in this area as well as the Iraqi Central Bank and the Association of Private banks Iraqi Pttaiwiralkuadralamsrvih initiative during the sessions, workshops and forums, and internal controls Ttoiralanzmh banks and the use of information technology.

Sullivan called on all parties in the Central Bank of the Iraqi banking sector to cooperate in order to raise Iraq's classification of the International Labour Organisation (FATF) to a higher degree, noting that the banking reality in Iraq is now different from the previous period and deserves a higher ranking

Talks during the meeting dealt with the mechanics of opening accounts in Iraqi banks in US banks for the purpose of facilitating the foreign trade of Iraq in addition to opening up to the wider world

Acharaly that the Iraqi private banks association has trained more than 100 professional staff working in the Iraqi banks in the field of combating money laundering and terrorism financing and comply with international standards over the past Alashahrakulailh.