REACT controls on the main court of the organization and the Central Bank branch in Mosul


(Independent) ... a military spokesman for the control of security forces on the main branch of the Central Bank in the city of Mosul, who looted the organization "Daesh" as it swept over the city in 2014 announced.

Lt. Col. Abdul Amir al-Muhammadawi, a spokesman for the elite units of the Ministry of Interior for Reuters, said that the rapid reaction forces also took control of the building housed the main court of the organization.

It is the central bank branch and the court in the same area where the main government buildings complex, which stormed the rapid reaction forces last night.

Announced the commander of operations "are coming, Nineveh," Lt. Gen. Abdul-Amir Allah Yar, earlier in the day Tuesday, the liberation of the government building to maintain and control the second bridge in the province.

The general commander of the armed forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, announced (February 19, 2017), the launch of editing operations right side of the city of Mosul. (End)