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Everyone understands the importance of walking toward the equivalent of what the world is witnessing the evolution of modern and in all areas of scientific and practical life in order to achieve the goals that will make the community living within the reservation levels of his constitutional rights.

As long as a country is described in adults of all standards and is suffering a decline in most economic joints. This leads us to realize that there is a gap between Iraq and the outside surroundings and the world more broadly.

And actually understands workers in the public and private sectors, and there is this gap that negatively affect the reality of development sought by Iraq, but it is interesting to note that we have not touched until the moment plans for constructive work to develop the country in all sectors, whether these plans from the private sector Ooam.

In a society described the young man to be a field orientations aimed at skills development, according to tendencies of young people and prepare them as necessary, which obviates the skilled manpower required by the economy the National. Reality of Iraq needs to start work in the world is over and be a minimum ambitious plans public and private sectors involved in the formulation adopts the process of development of the reality of the Iraqi economy, not defective to ask for international assistance in this side and that the added form of assistance to the economic development costs future.

International and local tests have proved that the Iraqi experience is capable of improving their performance and respond to the new and able to raise the level of performance skills, and of course this is a positive thing, but needs to be real efforts to activate it and translate it into reality to the benefit to Iraq, which is overflowing with riches from end to Aqsah.walantzar does not serve the country world time aware of the wealth owned by the country size, and everyone wants to cooperate with us, and here must be the future our movements very accurate to achieve our next target, and that we have a global partner is characterized by good and is filed and specialized international reputation actually helps us to reduce the gap and start from the reality in terms of finished the world.

Development required to work diligently towards closing the gap with the world and create HR global skillfully in cooperation with the international effort dedicated and able to work in Iraq, along with local sincere desire to build a solid economy through the expansion of cooperation between the public enterprises department to create a work environment that contribute to attracting capital and technologies advanced.