The combined forces pushed firmly into strongholds Daesh in the right coast
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Thread: The combined forces pushed firmly into strongholds Daesh in the right coast

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    The combined forces pushed firmly into strongholds Daesh in the right coast

    The combined forces pushed firmly into strongholds Daesh in the right coast

    07/03/2017 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 27 - Issue (3870)


    Moving the joint forces, in the context of military operations to liberate neighborhoods and areas west of the city of Mosul, the progress toward the government complex of several axes. Where Defense Minister Irfan Hayali progress of the battles in accordance with the "stomach plan in advance."

    A statement from the Ministry of Defense, seen by the (range), "The Defense Minister Irfan Mahmood Hayali, eighth wonderful humanitarian role played by the Iraqi army heroes during editing operations side right from the city of Mosul and the goal of protecting the lives of parents and their own property during military operations and maintain the infrastructure for the city. "

    Hayali stressed that "the processes of liberalization is going according to the plan prepared in advance," noting that "the sons of the Iraqi army are the sons justified for this patient people are not afraid of sacrificing their lives for the liberation of the people of Mosul from terrorists Daesh."

    Furthermore, it managed Operations Command (coming, Nineveh) Edit several neighborhoods of the control of the organization Daesh west of Mosul. He said the operations commander Lt. Gen. Abdul Rashid Aarallah matter, in a statement seen by the (range) yesterday, said that the "anti-terrorism forces liberated the entire withstand neighborhood, in the left side of the city of Mosul and raised the Iraqi flag over the buildings," pointing to "provide joint forces , towards the Mansour district in the same side. "

    While a security source said on Monday that the security forces managed to free water and sewer building near the Liberty Bridge in the right side of the connector.

    The source, who asked not to be named, said that "the federal police forces and rapid response have been able to release the water and sewer building near the bridge of freedom actually end Aldndan neighborhood on the right side of the city of Mosul," he said, adding that "security forces liberated the said building after inflict Daesh losses in lives and equipment. "

    For its part, it announced the rapid reaction of the Interior Ministry forces, for "progress in the areas of the pedal and Aldndan, for the liberation of the government buildings and secure by families for their departure."

    In turn, the Iraqi Air Force was able to kill a number of senior al Daesh in Tal Afar, an air strike targeted the so-called "house money" in the judiciary.

    A statement by the Ministry of Defense, received (range) a copy of it yesterday, "based on accurate information to the Directorate of Military Intelligence, was able to air force planes to destroy the so-called house of money to gangs Daesh terrorist during an air strike targeted at Baiji teachers in Tal Afar district."

    The statement added that "The operation resulted in the charge of the house of money and a number of its leaders were killed from different nationalities who are all from the terrorist Sami Ahmed, forgiving (money House official boycotted the island), and the terrorist Abu Aisha Commission (salaries) Tunisian nationality, the terrorist official Mohsen Kaplan, nicknamed Abu Blessed (economic official Daesh), Turkish nationality. "

    The statement pointed out that "the strike managed to kill the terrorist Ahmed Sabir, alias Abu Maryam (financial accounts administrator), a Turkish national, and the terrorist Mahdi thanksgiving, alias Abu Ismail (military official categorically Afar) Turkish citizenship, and Ibrahim Katuna aka Abu Abdullah (transporting migrants official in Tal Afar (.


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