Baghdad is preparing to launch the liberated areas in Nineveh salaries

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The charred structure of the hospital, Ibn al-Athir for children in eastern Mosul, recalls how the medical staff took Daesh gunmen on the upper wing effort, as they thought, to ward off evil spirits for their fighters have fallen asleep in the hospital.

While Ali al-Rubaie - Lobby tumors official - and his colleagues treated cancer patients at the bottom, they heard sounds of beatings and screams of fleeing militants who came to receive their treatment ritual.

Today the hospital staff to expel evil spirits in their own way, working slowly to remove the effects of the miserable life they lived under Daesh. They come every day, wearing gloves and carrying cleaning tools for washing and cleaning and re-construction of the hospital after Iraqi forces regained the eastern side of the city.

He says al-Rubaie, "I am responsible for 400 children, some of whom were waiting in their homes, while others are being treated in other provinces. In cases of tumors there a specific time frame should treat people through it. We should start working now."

Many of the hospital staff who have worked with for many years immediately rushed to collect donations from people excel physically, while others donate their time offer to re-connect the electrical wiring and the dye walls, send doctors - who fled away - important as medical equipment. This work is part of a joint campaign to revive the areas that escaped extremists at a time when government cash-strapped and can not help.

In the small villages outside the city, the residents restored squares and the removal of waste, and the inner-city residents who shall wipe Daesh murals that were demanding that they pay taxes, and drawing ethnic flag white bathrooms carrying olive branches instead.

Being reconstruction despite the fact that Mosul's residents have not received their salaries for more than two years, where the central government has cut salaries to prevent the financing Daesh did not bring them back yet.

He says a lot of people that they are living on the retirement of relatives of the elderly, where the government does not cut the salaries of retirees.

He says al-Rubaie, said his uncle because he had to sell family property and furniture for survival, where the request of his wife sell the wedding ring for the purchase of rice and flour, he says, "I told her will Oawwadk ten new rings someday, but I feel sorry for the emotional value."

Government officials say that salaries will be paid in the coming months after the investigation of government officials to verify they do not belong to Daesh. But in private, some say that the government will not be able to pay soon because of the economic crisis and the debt plaguing After weeks to expel militants from eastern Mosul, the government can not raise the rubble or restore water services, which is currently focusing on the expulsion Daesh from the western neighborhoods of the city.

He says a conservative officials declined to be named, said "overdue salaries alone $ 2.5 - $ 3 million for all the regions of Mosul. The government is bankrupt and will use the security issue as long as possible."

Like most Iraqis, the medical staff at the Ibn al-Atheer hospital are concerned about corruption - a major problem inherent in the political patronage system in Iraq. As a result, it calls on donors to medical staff not to go to the government, but they can buy what they can of the supplies or donate directly.

Hospital staff continued to work until the last moments of the rule Daesh where they took patients and fled, and they sent patients with critical cases plastic boats across the river toward the government forces and then returned days later to find the hospital burned.

Dr Abbasi Nashwan specialist hematology "It was a painful sight for the employees of the hospital. It's like our home and we have to rebuild."

He says al-Rubaie, and a nurse named Mehran they were not allowed to get close to children who are older than eight years, also complained about one of the doctors that deal with cases of bone marrow from the imposition of militants Daesh wearing doctor full veil even when surgery is contrary to punish fifty lashes with a whip.

He says al-Rubaie, "We had to get security clearance to work and treat patients." Dr Abbasi "It was very exhausting, about half of the staff - of the total 600 - fled or died or disappeared, while only fifty attend every day."

Other medical staff, hospitals are still under the rule of Daesh, volunteer to work. He says the nurse on behalf of the hospital in western Mosul, "It's great to see some people still love their city, still goodness exists. One of the reasons for our survival is our family service."