Iraq and Iran constitute a committee to resolve differences joint oil fields

07/03/2017 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 14 - Issue (3870)


After long years, Iraq and Iran decided to form a joint committee to resolve differences on the oil fields between the two countries and the supply of new oil pipeline to Iran, it has signed the Iraqi Oil Ministry on February 20 of 2017, a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Iranian oil, to resolve the dispute over the joint oil fields and study the construction of a pipeline to export crude from the Kirkuk oilfields - northern Iraq through Iran, the study of the transfer of Iraqi crude to Iran's Abadan refinery.

He said Iraqi Oil Minister Jabbar and coffee in a statement at the time, he agreed with his Iranian counterpart Bijan Zanganeh, during the recent visit to Iraq, to ​​coordinate positions in the organization, "OPEC", to achieve a balance in the world oil markets, including supporting oil prices, the study of pipeline construction for the export of crude oil from the Kirkuk fields through Iran.

Located 5 oil Iraqi fields on the border with Iran, namely: dehloran, oil a month, the threshing floor of the West, Aban, and light, with Baghdad and Tehran share the fields, Majnoon, the father of the West, Bazargan, loose change, and oil-box, and contain those fields are confounded enormous amount of crude oil light near the Earth's surface and backed up to more than 95 billion barrels, the largest reserves of hydrocarbons in the Middle East.

And it embarked on Iranian companies in the February 2nd of 2017, drilling 20 new wells in the southern "Azadegan" field, which is the biggest joint oil fields between Iraq and Iran.

Countries and the exchange of accusations between now and then about the abuse on joint oil fields, which called for the formation of a committee to resolve those differences.

The Global Center for Development Studies, based in London, has pointed out in the 2012 report, that the size of Iraq's losses from the excesses of Iran on joint oil fields totaled $ 17 billion, or about 14 percent of annual state revenues, pointing out that, the size of what Tstensvh Iran from Iraqi oil in 2012 amounted to approximately 130 thousand barrels per day, from 4 common fields, fields are: dehloran, oil a month, the threshing floor of the West, and has shown.

The center said in its report: If the two sides went in the implementation of this idea, the federal government in Baghdad will cut it for use subject to the Kurdistan region of Iraq the pipe, which transports oil from the north to the port of Ceyhan in Turkey is loaded on ships after that line.