Sadr's office: Do not change the Commission and the electoral law means the survival of the same political faces "grim"
13:11 pm (Baghdad time)
Baghdad balances News
He said head of the Sadr office in Baghdad / Rusafa Ibrahim al-Jabri, Monday, that the Commission not to change the electoral law mean the same political figures remain "grim
He said al-Jabri's / balances News /, that demonstrations of the Iraqi people against corruption and the corrupt and the pursuit of the legitimate demands constant in all provinces with the exception of Wasit province , which is what happened recently."
He added, "The list of demonstrations to change the electoral commission and the law and that survival means staying the same political party faces grim , describing the current electoral law as "unjust
Referring to the work of the Committee of Experts on the parliamentary lack of seriousness in changing the Commission said Jabri, said that "every incident and our subsequent steps" .anthy