Financial advance reveal the "10 pay" for state employees exchange mechanism

06/03/2017 13:32

He revealed a member of the parliamentary finance committee, Majida al - Tamimi, on Monday, the mechanism adopted by the Ministry of Finance on the advance of the "10 salaries" exchange for state employees announced by the ministry last month.

Said al - Tamimi, in a statement, published on its front page in Facebook, it is "about the advances that will be given to state employees, the Ministry of Finance has given directives to the Rafidain and Rasheed, where he will be given advances by bank Rafidain and Rasheed, to ministries their own, which will be given to employees after issuing Help during a maximum period of 30 days. "

She added that the advance will be "ten salaries with fixed allocations will be issued mechanisms that will work is carried out by the banks mentioned (Rafidain and Rasheed)", noting that " the Bank of Iraq will depend mechanism to work with the smart card, according to the prescribed form , electronic , either Rasheed Bank will be the mechanism by seniority" .

She explained that " the financial director of the department concerned offers revealed the names of all employees and their salaries on a disk to the director of the bank to make sure that students advance employee with determining the amount of salary."

She pointed out that "of the Rafidain Bank , the ministries are (communications - transportation - the House of Representatives Commission - Education -aldvaa" lagging behind ") and Rasheed Bank are (higher education - Justice Wellness - ABC - internal" lagging behind ")."

The Ministry of Finance announced last month that its minister banker face Rafidain and Rasheed firing advance the "10 pay" for state employees.