Disclosure of the debt owed by Iraq because of the size of loans

Monday 6 March 2017 | 12:36
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BAGHDAD / ... revealed a member of the parliamentary finance committee, Majida al - Tamimi, Monday, the international debt owed by the size of Iraq, because of the foreign loans granted to the Iraqi government.

She said Tamimi's "Eye of Iraq News" that " the debt became owed by Iraq from international loans and loans of the International Monetary Fund, amounted to $ 119 billion with the last British loan which is up nearly $ 12 billion , " indicating that "these loans are not benefited Iraq because of mismanagement financial weakness of the monetary policy of the Iraqi state and there was no radical solutions viable by the government to curb this crisis. "

She continued, that "there is a big problem which the Iraqi government pass a lack of accountability of the corrupt who discharged a huge money files incriminating large theft, and this led to Astvhalhm larger and growing episode spoilers and shrinking honest circle of officials , " adding that "loans lost its usefulness because it swallowed spoilers , the great and the aggrieved people is because he is who bears the burden of debt and remain there for many years pays ".anthy 3

Financial Advisor to the Prime Minister emphasized the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Monday, that Iraq will receive five billion and 300 thousand dollars from the International Monetary Fund as a soft loan to support its budget, in accordance with the implementation of the Stand -By Agreement , which will be held tomorrow in Amman.

Saleh said in a press statement, that the loan , which will get Iraq from the International Monetary Fund during the implementation of the standby credit agreement talks is considered a soft loan to support the budget during the period from 2016 - 2019 and will be mostly for the reconstruction and economic development

Saleh added that "there are 13 round of talks , or what is known as the second revision pertaining to implementation of the standby credit between Iraq and the International Monetary Fund agreement is scheduled to be launched in Amman this week, to complete the first round , which was held in Amman in early September», noting that "talks It will focus on the special standby credit arrangements with a loan five billion and $ 300 million to support the budget, what has been implemented of the economic reforms of public finance and governance. "

And on Iraq for part of this loan Saleh said that Iraq recognizes the amount of one billion and 250 million dollars during the year 2016 and is scheduled to assume the beginning of 2017 batch represents half of the amount mentioned in addition to the consultations Article IV of the Fund 's agreement to assess the economic situation of the countries, pointing out that "commitments It is part of the agreement between Iraq and the international Monetary Fund. " Ended 3