Swedish Vice President to visit Iraq and discussed the reconstruction of liberated areas file

06/03/2017 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 197 - Issue (3869)

Baghdad / term

Search Iraqi Planning Minister with Vice President Al Suwaidi, reconstruction and stability of the liberated areas file, as well as a long-term program to support the Iraqi government.

This came on the sidelines of a meeting Planning Minister Salman Jumaili, and Minister of International Cooperation for Development and Climate and the Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden's Isabella art at the ministry in Baghdad, according to a statement to the Office of Jumaili received (range), a copy of it.

Jumaili said he "discussed prospects of joint cooperation between the two countries in several areas, as well as the reconstruction and stability of the liberated areas file."

The Jumaili, according to the statement, "the depth of the distinguished bilateral relations between the two countries," noting that "Sweden has provided a lot of support for the training of security forces and implementing many programs over the years after 2003 in the provinces and ministries, as well as grants provided by Iraq."

The Minister of Planning, that "there is a plan for the continuation of cooperation with Sweden through support new and grants for post Daesh, and in order to restore stability and reconstruction and national reconciliation", praising at the same time, "the Swedish government's efforts for their continued support for Iraq."

The Minister of Planning, to "the existence of development cooperation between Iraq and Sweden agreement," noting that "the Iraqi side completed all the procedures related to the signing of the Joint Convention and pending the approval of the Swedish side, which will hopefully be signed during the next summer."

For its part, the Minister for International Development Cooperation and the Swedish climate Isabella Leuven confirmed, that "Sweden is one of the major donor countries that provided grants for Iraq in times of war and conflict," indicating that "2% of Sweden's population, Iraqis origin".

She Leuven "We discussed with Minister of Planning and Salman al-Jumaili, that there should be a long-term regard to the stability of the country program, as well as discuss the goals of the strategy of sustainable development in 2030 and discuss the priorities of the Iraqi government and how to go along with it," pointing out that "there is development cooperation strategic agreement, which extends to five years starting from the year 2017 ".

In another context, The United Kingdom, for their full support for Iraq in its war against terrorism.

A statement by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, briefed him (range), "The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Britain, Saleh Hussein al-Tamimi met with a member of the Foreign Relations Committee of the British Parliament MP Mike Kibs and organic Commission on Security and Defense Attorney Johnny Mercer and Attorney Adam Halaoa in the parliament building in the capital city of London." .

The two sides discussed the statement said "the bilateral relations between Iraq and Britain, and ways of enhancing them to serve the interest of both countries and to discuss the humanitarian situation and the mechanism for providing aid to the displaced families in the city of Mosul as a result of military operations there." The members of the British Parliament, according to the statement "to support their country of Iraq in its war led against terrorism."