6:24 PM [poppy3] no calls yet today with solid details about the secret meetings that took place. I am sure we will learn the results very soon. I absolutely understand why they have not shared details of these very important meeting. I am also glad and think it is a great sign they have not talked. We will stay available this evening and if any news that can be confirmed comes in i will come and report immediately. Be blessed poppy3
6:25 PM [mona lisa] poppy3 they probably get more accomplished when they don't talk about it
6:26 PM [poppy3] mona lisa true it is usually much more valuable when they hold it for some time before it is made public. Poppy3

8:09 PM [poppy3] to all my rich friends one quick post about a update from MY FRIEND THE RABBI . Many of you know him from the past . He is a great positive source and we all need to be thankful he has been helping behind the scenes . He called late this afternoon and his new information confirmed again the news on the dong . They have been approved to rv on their own but their FINANCE MINISTER is holding for what we believe this reason. They can't afford to rv at the rate China is asking them to do at present but China is saying they will back them However there finance minister doesn't want them to be even more obligated to China than they are and he knows and is saying if they can hold out till the dinar RV'S they can back their own currency because of the amount of Dinar they hold. I and others still feel they will move if the dinar is delayed much longer. POPPY3
8:10 PM [poppy3] this update has been discussed by several well educated peeps on the research of foriegn currencies. Hang tight we are getting closer daily. Poppy3
8:12 PM [poppy3] i have only 1 user name poppy3 so don't ever think i am posting under another name --- not going to happen --- poppy3
8:16 PM [poppy3] after i know the results of today meetings i will be more willing to set some timing for our rv. We just have no idea as of today of what has or hasn't been decided how they are managing maliki and until they revield that process we are all in limbo. And if any guru says they know thats absolute bull . Poppy3
8:16 PM [basejmpr99] it wasnt meant to offend you
8:17 PM [mona lisa] booshay I'm sorry ... I don't see it??
8:17 PM [poppy3] no offence taken just a warning for everyone i don't do that ,>>> thats what all the guru's do poppy3
8:18 PM [thebuzz] ty Poppy!
8:19 PM [poppy3] bbl if i get any update i will bbs poppy3
8:20 PM [mona lisa] poppy3 ty
8:20 PM [Ruger] poppy3 thanks
8:43 PM [poppy3] talibani will go no where he isn't the one in the hot seat. poppy3 just the guilty party tryimg to take someone with him to point a finger at. Talibani has been the best true representative for the people of iraq for the last few months. Poppy3
8:44 PM [DOUBLE B] like I said, smoke
8:44 PM [poppy3] and no he will not be the pm they have chosen the next pm already and said so. Poppy3
8:44 PM [poppy3] got to run again. Bbl