Indeed, the tax

6/3/2017 0:00

Adham pottery
Creating a healthy economy free from all forms of confusion has become a necessity to start a new phase and this requires an accurate diagnosis of the reality of working in Iraq.

What is needed to facilitate actions that will make the flow of high-action high-definition quality and achievement, particularly in obtaining the tax field, which has become Leafs workers in various economic activities and confuse the course of implementation of various commercial and service and productive sectors because of the traditional mechanisms that rely so detailed important.

Speed ​​of delivery the most important elements to reach a solid efficient economy, and this is done through a variety of measures that should be adopted by the authorities concerned to improve the reality of the tax work in Iraq in the forefront, the adoption of advanced systems in this area that contribute to the provision of services verify the economic viability of the country and accepted beneficiary.

Also, sophisticated tax systems must be supported by the human resource on the high degree of expertise and national performs his duty to the fullest without any glitch accompanies this process, and be a first step in achieving an attractive business environment for international investment and Iraqi capital migratory.

It can not hide the fact that many of the international companies
Local and specialized reluctant
Work because of tax measures

Complex that rely truly global effort that purports to work in Iraq, where the complexity of the border crossing points down to start the project site.

And improved reality and tax facilitation measures are through electronic systems do not allow to meet with the employee with the beneficiary, especially as the situation remains as it is makes the Iraqi economy is losing much in the light of the continuing evolution of the world is witnessing in all fields, which forces us to characterize the administrative disorder and then the actual starting to deal with it to the fullest.

Preferably are heading to the adoption of traffic fees tax allowance imposed on the movement of funds in banks, commercial operations, imports, transfers, fees and daily movement of vehicles, trains, planes and by type, model, and charge property registration, entry of goods by container size and prepared criminal charges high with respect to any fees breach of any of the laws that regulate life and other charges feasible and acceptable to the beneficiary and serve the national economy.

Iraq desperately needs to regulate and tax the reality it must reflect a positive image of the course of business in the Iraq, waiting more detrimental to our economy greatly under the tremendous population growth needs to be matched by economic growth to achieve the balance of life.