Central: financial sector management electronically end of 2017

6/3/2017 0:00

BAGHDAD / Hussein Tgb
A new phase began espoused by Iraq of developing the financial sector is the adoption of a sophisticated system changes the shape of financial transactions and the entry of active cooperation with the world's largest companies, which owns real orientations to work in the country where he will be present in the banking technology conference organized by the Iraqi private banks association under the auspices of the Central Bank of Iraq phase, Malhma orientation and positive impact that will promote the financial sector, which is the focus of the advancement of the economy while performing real duties of products starting from the financing of major projects down to streamline major to deal with big numbers.

Director General of the financial operations of the Central Bank of Iraq, Dr. Mahmoud Mohammed said that the current year will see in the fourth quarter sophisticated financially important is linking the banking sector and the national Palmksm which makes all the operations are managed electronically away from all forms of risk, as well as it is easy for citizens to facilitate billing operations electronically away from direct communication, pointing to the importance that preceded banking technologies conference which will be held during the month of May, organized by the Association of Iraqi private banks under the auspices of the Central Bank, which will come in the best world systems.

Mohammed pointed out that the new system improves the quality of financial performance and promote the process of the money that is currently transported ways Cache transmission, and helps to pull the money supply of homes to the banking sector, pointing to go a long way in the completion stages of the project, pointing out that the citizen service outlets across this advanced systems will be deployed in the local markets.

Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Tariq Ali pointed out that the presence of international companies to Baghdad in particular and to inform them on the ground and the reality of work and life is a sign of the first of its kind in Iraq, especially as the companies it will be located in Baghdad in permanently to achieve the objective, which I attended for him and of the development of banking products through the adoption of advanced banking technologies adopted by the biggest banks in the world.

He said in an interview for the "morning" The previous conferences were organized around outside Iraq, and this was a win-win for our sectors, where companies offer advanced technologies, but can not stand on the extent to Kdrthabelhoudor Baghdad and the actual work, stressing that the organization of the conference in Baghdad makes us really Nwcr companies are able to work in Baghdad, and this facilitates our mission, which is going according to the evolutionary stages and under the supervision of the Central Bank of Iraq.

He noted that the presence of the largest banking technology companies in the world, along with banks and managers Commissioners owners helps to strengthen cooperation in a more and stimulate the banking sector to acquire best systems also helps to create a positive competition between the banks and the expansion of advanced products and thereby contribute to the development of the banking business and make offers competing services regional and international banks and their branches operating in Iraq.

Tariq stressed that the Association continues to implement the training plan aimed at enabling the public and private banks, employees of sophisticated banking systems, stressing that the basis of the advancement of banking products requires human resources which are the focus of the development of any economic sector development.

This conference comes after the efforts that have been made by the Iraqi financial sector to advance in their work and within the vision and strategy of the Iraqi Central Bank, which aims to upgrade the sector, development and integration of new technologies in their systems and benefit from successful experiences provided by international companies in the application software and banking systems in many countries the region as a means of linking bank branches and electronic administration in addition to the electronic payment services through the card or by mobile phone and thus facilitated and encouraged to win many customers from beneficiaries the development of technology to speed the delivery of services to them.