Numbers .. chest reveals the "size" of mutual investments between Baghdad and Cairo

Sunday 5 March 2017 | 16:08
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BAGHDAD / .. Iraq's ambassador to Egypt, Habib al-Sadr on Sunday, revealed the size of the mutual industrial and trade investment between the governments in Baghdad and Cairo, while pointing out that his country had received a written request from Egypt to provide it with the merchants and artisans, businessmen Iraqis who are not their security Notes names.

Sadr said in a dialogue with the (Egyptian newspaper Shorouk) seen by the "eye of Iraq News" that "the Iraqi investments in Egypt does not exceed $ 490 million, divided as contributions 3329 companies, including 25% industrial and 24% agricultural and 22% services and 20% Tourism's" noting that "economic cooperation between the two countries occupies 24 place among countries investing in Cairo."

He added that "Iraq has received a written request from the Egyptian government to supply Cairo traders and craftsmen and Iraqi businessmen who have no signs or security notes in preparation for inclusion on the white list of names," noting that "Baghdad would like to go beyond economic obstacles with Cairo by working on activating bilateral MoUs and the opening of tourism visas for Iraqis ".anthy 5