Army controls the largest Daesh camp and the largest media center west of Mosul

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Iraqi army found a training camp Daesh inside a tunnel Railway old iron near Mosul, where creeping Rookies under barbed wire and walls of low-lying training to overcome inhibitions, and there is also a rope to climb and contraindications and everything related to physical training with a small room where recruits are taught the basics of fighting.

At the end of the tunnel there is a sign indicating a firing range inside the tunnel. It runs the camp, dubbed Camp to destroy more than a mile of the train in the tunnel outside the city.

Underwent the tunnel for renewal with the boxes to save and training methods. Colonel Abdul Ameer says, "It is one of the largest terrorist camps that have been found since the start of the attack on the city, where a capacity to train 150 recruits in each session. It is clear that it was only used to train the elite of militants as well as foreign fighters. We have found other training camps but It is not such a camp. "

It is clear from the camp, the recruits were undergoing training and brutal and physical hardship to become able to defend the succession alleged Daesh fighters!

He says Iraqi officers, while some of the basic training is normal for any military group or extremist, this camp integrates religious belief war; in a small mosque inside the tunnel spread on the ground of religious books printed by the group and copies of its newspaper to ensure indoctrinate recruits own philosophy that justifies the fight for the caliphate, or empire religious until death if necessary. Daesh loss of this vital facility demonstrates the lack of ability to grab land before the progress of the Iraqi forces to regain western Mosul. Hardened tunnel entrances with bags of sand on both sides to prevent its destruction by air strikes. Insurgents also allocated near the small tunnel areas for bathing and a medical clinic with a panel asking recruits not to delay the training director, reading "Please forbidden to sit inside the clinic."

In late January the Iraqi army regained parts of the city east of the Tigris River and is currently rebuilding the infrastructure destroyed building and began the shops open their doors and returned the people to life as it was before the arrival of militants, civilians and went out to the streets to raise the rubble, but the bodies of fighters Daesh are still scattered in the streets .

For its part the French Press Agency reported that the Iraqi forces found the Media Centre for Daesh - Jawasaq - inside a luxury home from a two-story center west of Mosul, where the group was published ads and broadcast from radio station statement.

And Maj. Gen. Aadalomir Muhammadawi of the rapid reaction task force of the Ministry of Interior "Parents told us that Daesh was producing advertisements here, and when we entered and the quest for the home we discovered that the media center, but the group fighters had set fire to the center when they fled from the area."

Inside was a black soot above the walls to ceiling, and in the kitchen there are reams of documents turned into ashes. At the entrance to the kitchen, there were a number of computers to each other properly and devastating.

And Maj. Gen. Muhammadawi "Everything was burned, some computers and ads and CDs that we will deliver it to the intelligence units."

One dwelling citizens say near the site and called Obeida Radwan, "This place was special fighters Daesh, foreclosed on any one entering. They use it as a media to print ads that you see on the street, as it was a radio station headquarters of the statement."

Experts say the group has developed the production of media to be supportive prominent for its operations, which used a radio statement and other media channels to announce responsibility for the attacks, as they were through which publishes materials to give courage to the fighters and romantic life under its rule feature in order to attract recruits.

He says Charlie Winter, a researcher at the International Centre for the Study of extremism that "propaganda campaign is everything for Daesh, not only in terms of its ability to give itself a global trademark, but also to maintain the level of acceptance in the strongholds in Syria and Iraq."

This media, in addition to what was discovered by Iraqi forces in the liberated areas, showing that the group was often put big banners with their own, including women, should be directed to wear clothing that covers the whole body of religious instruction.

He says Winter, no wonder that the group burned Jawasaq center in order to protect their secrets, they "might preserve the confidentiality of the media more than their wallets on any other aspect of the organization, because the media was important for them as a means to reduce losses and to establish themselves in the minds of the people even although the weak control of the areas. "

Among the ashes there were fund includes hundreds of CDs distributed by the group. As the rest of the contents of the house suggests that it was used to produce the materials distributed to the "media kiosks" that the group was erected in areas of deployment of its achievements to promote propaganda.

But Winter is believed that the house was not a major part of the media campaign Daesh, where he says "it is not reasonable to produce video recordings or keep in a place known to all people tapes. I think there's another place very secret."

for: The Wall Street Journal and the Agency France-Presse