Foreign parliamentary: name an ambassador to Riyadh Stermm relations between the two countries

BAGHDAD / Muhannad Abdul Wahab
described the parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations, he went to Riyadh to name an ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Iraq as " a step in the right direction", provided that " is committed to political frameworks and beyond the crisis created by the former ambassador."
A member of the Foreign Relations Committee , MP Abbas al - Bayati, said in a statement singled out the "morning", said that " the Saudi opening to Iraq , a step in the right direction, and came after the visit of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Minister of Saudi Arabia Adel al - Jubeir, as was the emphasis on the speed of naming an ambassador for the Kingdom to Baghdad." "The attention of the kingdom to nominate a new ambassador, reveals the seriousness of openness in relations with Iraq and overcome the crisis created by the former ambassador of the Kingdom." He stressed that "Iraq welcomes the move and hopes not to repeat the previous experience , " calling the new ambassador to commit themselves with diplomatic and spammers and work carefully on the convergence of views between Iraq and Saudi Arabia. " He said al - Bayati , "the diplomatic rapprochement between Iraq and the UK, we consider an important pathway for the opening of the Gulf States on Iraq, and this invitation to all nations , which runs its business in Baghdad through the diplomatic representative offices in the Jordanian capital , Amman , such as Switzerland and Denmark, to open its embassy in Baghdad." For its part, welcomed a member of the Foreign Relations Committee , the parliamentary Samira al - Moussawi , the "appointment of a Saudi ambassador in Iraq , regardless of their customs and beliefs , subject to compliance diplomatic frameworks." He said in a press statement: "Iraq needs a diplomatic ambassador for the restoration of relations and good to put it back with the Saudis brothers , regardless of sectarian or directed any other." She added that "Iraq does not look into sectarianism any candidate by the Saudis, and object to the former ambassador was due to the political background of intelligence security, in addition to his intervention blatant in domestic Iraqi affairs , " asserting that " the country is now in dire need of a diplomatic figure renovate the situation between the two countries . " . Moussawi demanded Saudi Arabia to "realize the sensitivity of the situation in Iraq, and the appointment of an ambassador would take into account the diversity of the Iraqi people without discrimination on the range and the other diplomatic duties." In the meantime, counting the head of the political thinking Foundation, Ihsan al - Shammari appointment of a new ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Baghdad, as " a driving step forward" on the level of development of relations between the two countries. Shammari said in a statement the "morning", "The openness between Iraq and Saudi Arabia is the beginning of a new era .. and diplomatic frameworks and common interests are will govern these relations." He pointed out "that the Saudi attendance will return to Iraq dramatically, especially that Iraq has the confidence of the Arab and Islamic world and the international community transmission , which in itself is a new quality to open up diplomatic." He said , "Saudi Arabia is now threatened by terrorism .. it needs to be a key partner through which interaction and collaboration security and intelligence to counter the threat of terrorism, especially that Iraq has achieved a stunning victory on the organization Daesh terrorist, so the presence of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Iraq would facilitate so in addition to the development of other aspects in the course of bilateral relations, Kalaguetsadah and commercial cooperation and others. "