Scholars and intellectuals Arabs and foreigners hail the victories of Iraq
Cairo / Esra Khalifa
praised Almaiah of Al - Azhar figures and Muslim clerics and Christian, Arab intellectuals and foreigners from the leaders of moderate thinking big victories achieved by our armed forces in the liberation of Mosul operations, stressing that Iraq will rise again and licked his face civilized bright dust of the battle with the terrorists «Aldoaash» who are in a real state of hysteria as a result of the defeats they suffered at the hands of the Iraqis. «Morning» met these intellectual figures on the sidelines of the conference , which concluded in Cairo last week and organized by Al - Azhar and the Council of Elders of the Muslims under the banner of «freedom and citizenship ... diversity and integration». Action is necessary
, said Egyptian Minister of Awqaf Mohammed Mokhtar Juma: The «confront these groups militarily is the work of a necessary but erosion of these groups intellectually is the most important, and we must understand religions, tolerance, peace and co-existence and consolidation of the rights of citizenship and national belonging, and we should all work on the Common Humanitarian We must call for the sanctity of the dead and the blood, compassion and tolerance, and freedom of religion remains Everyone; if we apply it to all of us lived in peace. »
He said Friday, «We stand with the Iraqi army in the fight against extremism and terrorism, we in Egypt are suffering from terrorism also fight it with all the intellectual and military means and see that what Iraq is doing heroic work». Modern Siniora of Lebanon 's former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora , who participated in the conference , said: «we owe thanks to the Iraqi army , which is to end the largest army obscurantist represented organized« Daesh »terrorist, should all cooperate to eliminate it, and we must Jimaa to talk in order to eliminate extremism and the dissemination of moderation among the Iraqi people , in particular , and Arabs and Muslims in general. » For his part, the cleric Lebanese Sayyed Ali al- Amin said: «What is happening in the Arab world in general and in Iraq and Syria in particular is heartbreaking for all of us something that hurts us, and all our best wishes go back unity and peace back to Iraq , land and people, and that these mobile conflicts end in favor of the this nation and its cohesion and the dimensions of sedition them ». Muslims and Christians For his part, Deputy Bataraak Chaldeans in Iraq , Bishop Bashl Aldo said: «held in Cairo conference is an opportunity for the deployment of Central and apostle of thought, and we salute the armed forces in the liberation of Mosul and we cross - platform this conference call on the Arab and Muslim community to stand with the Iraqi army to fight against this terrorist ideology represented by «Daesh», and must cooperate with the rest of the institutions and humanitarian organizations to address this extremist ideology ». But the Christian scholar Peter , Peter , Peter , a member of the General Secretariat of the house of the Egyptian family , he said: «I always ask God to help and support the Iraqi army in its war against the enemies Alemtemthleen organized« Daesh »terrorist, and commend the significant progress that has happened in Iraq to fight al« Daesh »terrorist who destroyed antiquities and Islamic heritage and Christian landmarks near and victory. » Former Grand Mufti of Bosnia Mustafa Ibrahim Tisaj also said: «We are in Bosnia follow well what is happening in Iraq, and our hearts broken on victims and our eyes shed tears, and we want to see Iraq victorious and editor would be a good example as it was in the past is a country of civilization and culture and everything , and you people proud and set an example for all of us. » Moderation and tolerance Bishop Daniel Khoury Archbishop of Beirut of the Syriac Orthodox also said: «we must examine where you came« Daesh »and support, and certainly these words say it all that (terrorism has no religion), and we note that« Daesh »kills Christians and Muslims at the same time ; but we as Christians validity of the civilization of Mesopotamia owners feel we Qna from our roots at the hands of terrorists «Aldoaash», and we thank all the owners of minds enlightened moderation and ideas in Iraq who are seriously seeking to promote peace, and we hope the Iraqis to maintain their diversity that gave their country a special flavor » . he said Dr. Rabi Juma legions professor at Al Azhar University and coordinator in branches (Egyptian family home): «commend what he was doing the Iraqi army from the war on terrorism, we are all with him and we wish him all the best and pay - paced in front of this dirty extremists fragmentation, and we hope to get rid of this epidemic terrorist ». He explained that «this initiative carried out by the Al - Azhar is to correct concepts and a culture of coexistence and peace among young people , who do not understand the culture of citizenship and coexistence, we need a revolution to correct misconceptions that have spread in a private community after the escalation of terrorism in the global community and to restore a lot of the young seducer as a result of what was broadcast by channels of many years of toxins without censorship, and we want to spread the message of Al - Azhar Al - Sharif of tolerance, moderation and tolerance and a culture of dialogue and coexistence. » Among the positions, Dr. Ahmed El Sawy said a teacher of religion and philosophy at Al - Azhar University that he «We must address the gang« Daesh »and sisters they have become a threat to the whole world», he added, «We are following what the Iraqi army in the battle of Mosul, indicating that« in every battle there are victims , but the Iraqi army acknowledged for his skill and his humanity can protect the oppressed civilians who are hiding terrorists «Daesh» them, and we are confident that what he was doing the Iraqi army , which is characterized by force and courage to protect the land and its people from Conception enemies. »