Rafidain Bank in the form of pension and announce the immediate payment of military pensions

one hour ago

Twilight News / Rafidain Bank was launched on Sunday, military retirees pay for a meal this March through manual exchange and smart card.
Press office of the bank said in a statement responded to the Twilight News, he retired military personnel can receive their salaries through the bank branches deployed in Baghdad and the provinces at any time.

He noted that the bank's hand in the executive paydays after the arrival of lists of pensioners by the National Pension Commission noting that the bank is committed to its obligations to provide the best banking services to citizens, employees, retirees and other slides and facilitate the smooth flow of work.

So said the national pension body she began to pay military pensions for a meal for a meal in March 2017.

Body said in a statement that it also embarked on a campaign check (proof of life) where retirees have retired review Aseel received salaried and will appear in the list of salary phrase.

The agency said it (open proxy card after the authentic imprint) for smart card holders who have the agent to receive a pension.

The statement continued that the phrase will appear (proof retired authentic life) in the list of pension holders smart card where the retired should review the Court of the board of the national retirement or their branches in the provinces for the purpose of providing a certificate of life.