Immigration The United Nations has accused of dereliction of shelter and relief to the displaced
[Where - Baghdad]
criticized the Minister of Displacement and Migration Jassim Mohammed Dry United Nations efforts to help displaced people fleeing the fighting in Mosul, while the organization confirmed that the provision of assistance in the forefront of their priorities. "
Dry the minister said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today , we hope that we see a clear and active United Nations role in the relief and sheltering displaced people of the right coast of the connector and the form in which it fits with such large numbers of displaced people and as soon as the required operations, but there are , Unfortunately negligence evident in their work
He noted that " the International Organization issued talk a lot, but the effort a few despite the large amounts of money in their possession asserting that more than 50 thousand displaced people have fled west Mosul since the start of operations to restore control of the militants , " Daesh. "
He added that" the daily exodus of residents rate exceeded 10 thousand people and so many need to secure shelter kits as well as food and in- kind assistance
for its part, the United Nations announced, which provided assistance to Iraqis displaced by the ongoing about 5 months ago battles they are working as quickly as possible to help people fleeing the fighting
she humanitarian Coordinator of the United Nations in Iraq , Lise Grande priority humanitarian teams are verifying the availability of sufficient potential in emergency sites to deal with the numbers of civilians who were fleeing from the western side of the connector" ... "in the past few weeks , we rushed to build these capabilities, and redouble our efforts now. " the security forces launched in October / October 2016 battle of restoring the city of Mosul, the largest strongholds Daesh terrorist gangs in the country.