Our forces preparing to storm the Right Coast Center
{Daesh} acknowledge defeat and killing of its top commanders in
Mosul / morning
tightened anti - terrorism device grip entirely on the neighborhood of Wadi Hajar, through the heroic operation witnessed the killing of dozens of gangs «Daesh» which recognized explicitly through a statement the leaders, defeat and finish off the most prominent elements of the the neighborhood adjacent to the regions of Al - Mansour and safe.
The rapid progress of the heroes of the armed forces was accompanied by insistence heroically to break into the revival of the coast right center, especially following the intensification of the battalions and rocket- propelled field artillery bombardment of dozens of important goals of the enemy Aldaasha revive Aldndan and Nabi Sheet and Pedal Aekadat, leading to a commando elite rapid response to storm these neighborhoods that represent Ayman Center Mosul.
Commander of operations « are coming, Nineveh» Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir Rasheed Allah Yar, announced yesterday morning that the anti - terror apparatus forces completed editing Valley neighborhood stone fully and raised the Iraqi flag over the buildings after the enemy to inflict losses in lives and equipment.
He said Allah Yar, the western side of which are stationed contingents, armored combat ninth Abbas arrived to Baduc- through the connector leading to the Afar and took control of it fully and completely Noor thirsty Heights.
In turn , revealed a spokesman for the Joint Special Operations Command Brigadier General Yahya Messenger for military units that will surprise Aldoaash in the coming days, and that the right side plan renewed and the Court that the security forces continuing progress after control of the important and vital central Mosul areas.
He pointed out that gangs «Daesh» suffer dramatically , a last breath after a big loss.
For his part, Brigadier General in the ninth band, and Walid al- Khalifa, the correspondent "morning": that all pieces of the band is now spreading on the outskirts of the town of Badush northwest coast right in preparation for the storm. After enabling them to edit the most dangerous village inhabited by the most prominent leaders of Daesh a village south Aldamarja Badush with the killing of three leaders of Syria and Saudi nationalities of the village during the clearing operations.