Chairman of the Basra Governorate Council: the new customs tariff is applied in all border crossings

By Hearing , Zubair 46 minutes ago

Roudao - Arbil

The head of the provincial council in Basra, morning Albzona, Saturday, March 4, 2017 implementation of the new tariffs in all conservative outlets, in response to comments by the Chairman of the ports in the Council, Morteza lipodeca, who declared not to apply tariffs to maintain pointing out this caused the loss of a lot of money in the state treasury.

He Albzona network Roudao media that " the committee ports applied the new customs tariff on all border crossing points, and where noted , it is mistaken."

"We always suffer from the application of all the new tariffs and increases in the Basra ports and ports in full the south, causing the reluctance of some traders and suppliers for transport their goods across Basra ports to other ports , because the amount of speculative (tariffs) is very high in what has become easy to enter the some other ports. "

And on raising the tax value to certain goods she said Albzona " The material that was covered by the decision to increase the tariff cars were 25% and then issued an exception downwards from 25 to 15%, as well as alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and other decision This is also the new tariffs apply to them now ".

The Chairman of the Committee Murtaza lipodeca said in a press statement that " the new tariff applied in the port Safwan border but have not been applied effectively in all the province of Basra ports , especially in the southern ports," blaming the blame for the flawed "Customs working in those ports."