Vice calls to book the perpetrators of corruption six months before the start of the investigations

Friday 3 March 2017 11:19

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
He called for economic and investment commission member of the Parliamentary Harith al-Harthy, on Friday, to activate the role of the fight against economic crime to end the corruption that has drained the country's wealth device, stressing the need to arrest first and book the perpetrators of corruption for a period of six months before the start of the investigations and correspondence routine.

Harthi said in an interview with Alsumaria News for, "there is a big spread of corruption investment projects caused the depletion of the country's wealth, and we find that there is a tribute to the corrupt and punish the keen on his homeland," pointing out that "the Integrity Commission by the formation of a committee to investigate the supreme security authority shares hit hard by corrupt and procedures fast and dissuasive. "

He said Al-Harthy, "is currently being send correspondences and replies long periods in the corruption of important and sensitive issues, and therefore should be arrested first and book the perpetrators of corruption of documents for a period of six months before the start of the investigations and correspondence," pointing out that "what is happening is a coming of implicated on corruption charges to the body integrity and justify what happened, despite the clarity of the documents that condemn it and then get out on bail simple sum of money and be acquitted of the case. "

The Al-Harthy, "the need that there is a device to combat economic crime does not affect it any party and has very broad powers," adding that "there is actually a law to a combat economic crime, but he did not do the work as a result of the desire of corrupt not to launch and adherence to Sergathm."

The Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi said earlier, the Supreme Council for the fight against corruption has taken a number of decisions in this area and of them, support the Integrity Commission on the Prevention of travel officials who are under investigation procedures and based on the evidence available to it, support the workers in the regulatory agencies, and the provision of protect them.