IS Checkpoints Disappear in Hours in West of Mosul

Shoguna B. Sobir 03/03/2017 - 14:50 Iraq

MOSUL — More than 20 Islamic State (IS) checkpoints located west of Mosul have disappeared within hours on Thursday, reported a local source to Alsumaria News.

“More than 20 checkpoints belonging to the Islamic State in the areas of al-Zera’i and Bab al-Taub, west of Mosul, disappeared along with their members in few hours,” said the anonymous source.

The disappearance of the checkpoints reflects the internal collapse of the extremist group, that started to appear obviously with the start of the battle to liberate western Mosul,” the source added.

The operation to liberate Mosul from Islamic State militants began on October 17 of last year. Eastern half of the city was pronounced liberated on January 24. The operation progressed to the western half of Mosul on February 19.