Battle of Mosul, witnessing the streets .. war and resistance organization Daesh more violent than Mqautem on the east side (Details)
02:45 PM

Security forces face in the southern axis of the Battle of the western side of the city of Mosul violent resistance fighters from al (Daesh) despite the loss of the last airport and Camp Ghazlani inspired safe, where he will witness Jawasaq neighborhood parties and aviation neighborhood, the streets of a war between the two parties, two days ago.

A source said in a press statement, said that «progress on the ground within a week of battles is more rapid progress in the east side during the same period of time». He added: «organize Daesh fiercer resistance fighters, and more violent resistance on the eastern side , which also participated in the battles since the beginning», he said.

The source , who asked not to be named, said the first days «days were very difficult for the Rapid Reaction Brigade and federal police , which provided many of the victims with the achievement of a few field achievements during the days of fighting that followed the control of the airport».

And that federal police «reinforced their positions in the south - west axis after the arrival of the power of assigning the size of the regiment combat gold band, and became a combat situation uncomfortable to some extent despite continuing militant organization bombed our positions with mortars, artillery and attack our troops with car bombs».

The source pointed to «provide the security forces and incursions into Jawasaq neighborhood on the right bank of the Tigris River in exchange for Jarmjh neighborhood on the eastern side to edit it and lock it in order to set up a floating bridge to cross the soldiers and mechanisms to the west side».

He added that « the organization launched Daesh opposite attack, the day before yesterday, the neighborhood Jawasaq, as well as the aviation bombed the neighborhood with artillery and mortars before they launch an attack on it. Accordingly, the rapid reaction to the re - repositioning forces were forced out of this neighborhood before returning for a second incursion into Jawasaq and Aviation ».

He revealed that the«US special forces that were ( US FORCES WILL NOT TAKE PART IN THE BUTCHERING OF UNARMED PEOPLE IN MOSUL ) present in this martial axis withdrew to their base in the Hamam al- Alil area, 30 kilometers south of Mosul, after the attacks of aircraft belonging to the march of the organization and the deaths of dozens of missiles».

Also, it managed to «gold band to reach the top of the fourth bridge and concentration in a block of buildings in the area, hoping to take a foothold to protect the engineering effort that purports to rehabilitate the fourth bridge under air cover to a depth of two kilometers inside the neighborhoods that still regulate state - controlled».

Experiencing parties shy Jawasaq and Aviation street fighting two days ago after the control of the security forces on parts of them; but, car bombs and indiscriminate bombardment of civilian homes who are still in «Daesh» attacks, pushing the security forces temporarily withdraw to spare civilians from further losses », according to the source.

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