Detection process "serious corruption" in the Ministry of Commerce using gripping citizens

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11:56 N | March 2, 2017

BAGHDAD / .. revealed to the economic and investment commission in Parliament member Abdul-Salam al-Maliki, on Thursday, for the most serious process of "corruption" in the Ministry of Commerce using gripping citizens, as warned of collecting signatures to demand the formation of a commission of inquiry at the highest levels.
Maliki said in a press statement, said that "there are mafias operating within the Ministry of Trade since approximately the year, the registration of transfer of the coin the names of unknown companies or dummy through the use of personal gripping citizens without their knowledge," noting that "those mafias you get the archives of the departments or find them on the street or from anywhere. "
He said al-Maliki said "the Ministry of Commerce while working on the registration of any company is not asking for gripping the original or the presence of its owner, just a lawyer with him gripping pictorial for the person who wants to leave the company, where he can get approvals for ten companies in one day", adding that "companies that the foundation used to issue a license to import, as recorded in the banks in order to receive money from them under the pretext difficult to import goods which is not getting, but only the smuggling of hard currency abroad without any import measures. "
He stressed that "those companies and they should be held accountable tax after all import are in the process of taking out a difficult money to once and then neglected and concealed its cards in accordance with the principle of using one-time," pointing out that "those companies that arise from the gripping citizens without their knowledge may make any Iraqi citizen one day before the tax claim on the grounds that he drove hard currency for imports, which originally did not know that the process has started. "
Maliki said that "there are also memberships fake in the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce of the same name is issued in accordance with the amounts of money for the completion of the company and withdraw money," adding that "the Mafia, which has been working for almost a year caused wasting serious money and would put the Iraqi citizen in the legal question on the issue has nothing to do with ".
He called on Maliki to "follow the specific measures to end this crime, which would represent an earthquake shakes the Iraqi street while discovering mysteries," adding that "the recommendations that we suggest to take it is to address the Ministry of Commerce to stop the import licenses and start-up companies immediately and in full and to work on the arrangements and new regulations in coordination with Central Bank of the founding companies and import licenses either by including gripping original and the presence of the person concerned and shall be stamped and portrayed, and on the central bank to issue regulations to the banks to be the owner of the company in question is who comes to receive the money personally and not his representative and Bmsthompskat complete and sign a footprint. "
Maliki stressed the need to "send the Ministry of Commerce book to notify all owners of companies to bring in tax settling accounts from the beginning of 2017," warning of "collecting signatures to demand the formation of a commission of inquiry at the highest levels in the event of non-compliance concerned these regulations immediately."