Deputy: 5 districts of the province of Mosul became a subsidiary of the Kurdistan region

Last updated: March 2, 2017 - 14:39

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq criticized the MP for the province of Nineveh, Abdul Rahman Alloizi, Thursday, Scott Sunni symbols and the Government Abadi under the extended boundaries of the Kurdistan region on the 5 districts of the total nine districts in Nineveh in addition to the ways in other districts, and as he emphasized that the return of land to Nineveh will be one of the biggest obstacles faced by the government after the liberation, and was surprised not to Sunni forces raised the problem of the disputed areas in the Sunni paper that was delivered to the coalition Aloutna.

oukal Alloizi in a press statement today: " the Nineveh province consists of nine districts, the county Possession in the five of them, de facto political imposition, and these districts starting from Makhmour then Hamdania and Tilkaif and Chkaan and the end of Sinjar as well as aspects of trace other districts, is mentioned, an oboist and Alaaadih and Rabia and hand Ba'shiqah that follow spend Mosul and Badush . "

and," the figures political in the region started talking about blood borders and talking about the Sykes - Picot new and the old border has ended and now practically there confined to the trenches areas and points, as if we were between the boundaries of two states in the territory is formally keep track of the federal government , "stressing that" under the edit land from the control of Daesh logo could the region extending his influence in the districts of Mosul , "He stressed that" the subject of the ownership of the land to Nineveh will be one of the biggest obstacles and problems after the liberation that will confront the government , "noting that" the Kurdish expansion did not include Nineveh, there is a trench length of more than 400 km, passes lands 4 provinces classified Taifen as provinces Sunni, but do not show the position of the offerer to the government . "

He explained Alloizi," the trench is openly and extends the provinces of Nineveh and Salahuddin, Kirkuk and ends Diyala, has Peshmerga dug in the beginning areas subject to them, and then spread to places liberated later Daesh ".ostgrb Alloizi, that" does not talk in Sunni paper delivered to the National Alliance, as the demands of the year and which she spoke about a political settlement, from near or far from the problem of the disputed areas, although it lands in terms of demographics , returning to year , "and wondered" what is the position of the Sunni leaders of this matter? ".