Slovak Foreign Minister: EU will have an active role in supporting Iraq

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He said Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak said the EU will have an active role in supporting Iraq in the future, expressing his country's readiness to expand its aid to Iraq.

According to a Foreign Ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that "Foreign Minister Ibrahim Aciqr Jaafari met with Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak on the sidelines of the Human Rights Council meetings in Geneva, and during the meeting, they discussed bilateral relations between Baghdad and Bratislava, and ways of strengthening them serve the interests of the two friendly peoples. "

He Jaafari for "thanks and appreciation to the positions of Slovakia towards Iraq in various fields, and support in international forums, the European Union," adding that "Iraq is facing a global war against the terrorist gangs Daesh elements that came from more than one hundred countries."

He said that "the victory of the Iraqi people is a victory for all the peoples of the world that have contributed, and I stood next to him, and provided support in the war against terrorism," pointing saying "come great strides in the fight against terrorism, and we are continuing to edit the entire territory of Iraq, and the reconstruction of infrastructure, the return displaced families to inhabit areas. "

He said al-Jaafari said "Iraqis have joined their ranks, and faced terrorism, whether sons of the Iraqi armed forces Besnovha all, or whether the political forces, and inflicted terrorists significant losses with the support of the international community for Iraq, calling for intensified international efforts to address the threat targets continents, countries, and cities of the world, nor excluding anyone suspected of thinks he is safe from terrorism. "

He stressed according to the statement on the "nations of the world stand by all countries in the world facing the terrorist challenges; to feel the terrorists that the world is united to fight them, and eliminate them, urging the Slovakian side to open an embassy in Baghdad in the framework of strengthening relations between the two countries."

For his part, Foreign Minister of Slovakia "We stand in support of Iraq, and in solidarity with the Iraqi people's efforts in the war against terrorism, and we enjoy good relations of cooperation with you, and look forward to seeing Iraq safe, and prosperous, and that Iraq's victory is a victory for Slovakia, and the whole of Europe, and that our goal of your support is to eliminate entirely on terrorism and the reconstruction of liberated cities from the grip of terrorists Daesh. "

He Aroslav Lajcak they are "Save a lot of equipment, and trained a lot of Iraqi forces to disarm the mine, and are ready for more support in this area," adding that they have three humanitarian projects will be implemented in Iraq, and will work to provide fellowships for Iraqi students in Slovakia universities " .

The foreign minister of Slovakia said that "EU will have an active role in supporting Iraq in the future; complement of support since the terrorist Daesh Iraq gangs, and they will do their best to increase the volume of aid to Iraq, addressed the invitation to Jaafari to visit Slovakia.