Army besieges Daesh central coast right after the liberation through strategic

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Iraqi military commander said, on Wednesday, said that army units took control of the last major road out of Mosul, which was under the control of the organization, making it Daesh surround the terrorists in the city center.

The Dean of the corner Armored Division ninth army, told Reuters by telephone, said that the band has become just one kilometer from the "Sham Gate" in Mosul, a north-western entrance of the city. "We are in control now on the road and now Sham gate in the extent of the actual vision of our forces."

Mosul, Tal Afar and connects via a last stronghold for Daesh 60 km to the west and then to the Syrian border.

In turn, the commander of operations (coming Aaninoy), Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir Rasheed Aarallah, in a brief statement seen by (range), "The anti-terror forces liberated the apartments safe and maintained the contact with the al-Mansour district."

In turn, Lt. Gen. Abdul-Ghani al-Asadi, commander of the anti-terrorism forces, said to AFP: "The area (safe) apartment complex, is considered very important to control the road to Baghdad and surrounding neighborhoods." He added that the "resistance, violent and fierce they are defending this line, which is the main line in our appreciation for them."

And hit a lot of damage safe area, where many houses and roads full of potholes have been destroyed due to mine explosions, while the accumulation of car wrecks over each other.
Furthermore, said Maj. Gen. Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi, the leader in the fight against terrorism, which spread its forces in the south-western part, said that the closure of the highway westbound means that Daesh become trapped in the city center.

And struggled units of the Special Task Force have been exposed to sniper fire and anti-tank missiles have driven eastward across the valley of stone and north through the neighborhood shy Mansour and martyrs, where could be heard the sound of gunfire and explosions. Such moves will enable the fight against terrorism from docking rapid reaction forces and units of the federal police deployed near the river bank and the ninth Armored Division coming from the West, it tightens the noose on the gunmen.

Saadi said that "many of them were killed and some of them are still stationed inside residential neighborhoods, and when you advance the pieces They either be killed or pull back."

And sprawled bodies of two terrorists near field command for counterterrorism in the safe neighborhood, which seems like a ghost town. And just a few hundred meters air strike targeted a car bomb.

Mosul residents said they were unable to move on the highway, which starts at "Sham Gate" since Tuesday. She said the few families that remained in a safe neighborhood that she was scared to the point where she could not leave with the deployment of elements Daesh car bombs.

The commander of US forces in Iraq, Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend also said he believed that US-backed forces regain control of Mosul and tenderness -makl regulation in Syria- within six months.

On the humanitarian side, announced the Minister of Displacement and Migration Jassim Mohammed dry, on Wednesday, the flight of 26 thousand displaced people from the western side of the city of Mosul since the beginning of military operations to restore the city from the grip of the organization Daesh ten days ago. The minister said in a statement quoted by his press office, "The Ministry of field teams received 26,000 displaced people from Ayman al-Mosul (western side) during the past ten days."

Mosul residents said they were unable to move on the highway, which starts at "Sham Gate" since Tuesday.