Washington plans to lift the ban on the entry of Iraqis

03/02/2017 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 126 - Issue (3866)

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US President Donald Trump is heading to remove Iraq from the list of seven states that ban travel of its citizens to the United States, under pressure from the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Americas.

According to international media, citing US officials, the news confirms that Trump's decision expected in the next few days on migration and travel, exclude Iraq from the list of banned countries on its citizens traveling to the United States.

Media leaks and confirmed that "it is expected that the US President issued through Thursday or Friday of this week's decision to ban an executive Second travel to the United States after his decision to eliminate thwarted first by issuing numerous provisions to halt or suspend its implementation.

The news (Associated Press) all officials that "the four officials said the decision expected comes after pressure from the ministries of defense, foreign affairs," noting that "the two ministries have urged the White House to reconsider the annexation of Iraq to the list because of his leading role in the war on organizing Daesh."