Specialists: fluctuation of inflation confuses the living conditions of citizens
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Thread: Specialists: fluctuation of inflation confuses the living conditions of citizens

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    Specialists: fluctuation of inflation confuses the living conditions of citizens

    Specialists: fluctuation of inflation confuses the living conditions of citizens

    03/02/2017 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 113 - Issue (3866)

    Baghdad / Zahra al - Jassem

    Like many other employees, as well as the vast majority of people, you may not realize desert Hamid, employed in one of the state departments, meaning high or low inflation index which you read about in the newspapers or hear on the radio and television, but they are complaining about and concerned about how they can out to establish a stable budget for the family as charged and her husband, an employee is also, of salaries began to drop due to several deductions Hmmelthma.

    The Ministry of Planning revealed in the latest report of the Central Bureau of Statistics for the low annual inflation index for 2016 by (0.9%), but this year opened up slightly in the month of January last rate (0.1%), after it was up by 0.2% during the month December last year, on the other hand the base rate of inflation rose 0.3% from the previous month, with a mention in the report that the price survey did not include the provinces of Nineveh and Anbar, because of the security situation as it is known.

    Parliamentary Finance Committee member Magda Tamimi considers it natural that the volatility in the inflation index is happening in the absence of real productivity of the state in general, and emphasizes the importance of strengthening the value Dinarmen through attention to the private sector.

    He adds Tamimi, saying in an interview (to the extent): when our economy recuperative be a good market movement, reflected this development on the ability of the Iraqi dinar and the high value against foreign currencies, and adds: So everyone is counting on the private sector because the economy strength comes from the activation of agriculture and industry, afterthought: but the reality is that there is a recession in the market and unemployment, we can almost rely at all on imports from abroad.

    Confirms al-Tamimi: that the rise in the inflation index, even though it was slightly It affects low-income citizens, because Mdjulath not enough to buy the same goods or services that were bought before, and therefore the purchasing power decline, which means more poverty and rising poverty rates.

    A spokesman for the Ministry of Planning Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi said in a media statement that the number of job categories recorded a rise in prices, including the Department of Housing rose (1.1%) to contribute by (169.2%) in the monthly rate of change due to the high standard figures for a rent rate (0.1% ) and a maintenance and Services housing rate (0.8%, and the range of water and electricity supplies by (10.1% and record the health department is also increased by (0.1) to contribute by 2.1% in the monthly rate of change, noting that the Department of transportation prices rose (0.1) to contribute by (8.0%) in the monthly rate of change, as the Department of miscellaneous goods and services recorded an increase of (0.5%) to contribute by 11.7% in the monthly rate of change..

    For his part, sees economist Dergham Mohammed said the high and low as long as inflation indicators are not based on the foundations of development, it is not an indication of the recovery of the Iraqi economy, as some believe, being still mainly depends on the only oil supplier.

    He says in an interview for "(to the extent) that it is by working to adjust the price of the dollar in the domestic market and expansion in the housing sector, and other factors, including increased demand for real estate market, which will raise the allowances rentals, noting that the areas adjacent to military operations in Nineveh attest exodus can increase the demand for relatively rents may raise their prices.

    And continues to-date: that any rise in the dollar exchange rate in the domestic market rises with the consumer exchange rate, which is fueling inflation and exchange rate depreciation, pointing out that it leads to a decline in consumer exchange rate, he adds, so the rise in the inflation index in the country be subject to multiple factors, notably the dollar exchange rate, which is determined by which the price of imported goods prices, the fact that the Iraqi citizen today is almost entirely dependent on imports.

    Iraq is witnessing crises successive and interrelated strain the economy and finances and public resources, while not offset by temporary solutions Aohklah, where the spread of financial and administrative corruption in most of the corridors of the state, and the inability of regulators to prosecute the corrupt and take legal action against them, made public money vulnerable to pillaging by members of different groups to the lack of adequate laws and strict action taken against them, which is reflected clearly through the development of new projects and the fragility of material and human failure.


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