Iraqi army to cut virtually the last major road out of Mosul

March 1, 2017

BAGHDAD / .. announced a military commander and residents, on Wednesday, for cutting the Iraqi army last major road out of Mosul, a stronghold of the organization "Daesh" controlled the access roads to the city from the north-west.

The Dean of the corner Armored Division ninth army "Reuters", the band has become just one kilometer from the "Sham Gate" in Mosul, a north-western entrance of the city.

"We are in control now on the road and now Sham gate in the extent of the actual vision of our forces."

Mosul residents said they were unable to move on the highway, which starts at "Sham Gate" since Tuesday.

The road linking Mosul in Tal Afar, the last stronghold of the organization "Daesh", 60 km to the west and then to the Syrian border.